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Playdom continues acquisition spree with Acclaim buyout

Free-to-play company becomes first LA developer for social games firm

Perry: Not yet finished with making big games

Talks about multi-million dollar game Plague canned by Atari, and of bringing it back

David Perry - Part Two

The Gaikai co-founder reveals more details on just how the streaming games service will work

Gaikai network to scale according to demand

Streaming games solution will demand 55ms ping and 1.5mpbs connection, says Perry

David Perry - Part One

The Acclaim CCO explains more thinking behind the Gaikai project, and how the service is planned to scale

Acclaim seeks out new content and studios

Online games publisher looking to consolidate market position with more titles

Free-to-play titles would make DSi an "industry changer"

Acclaim's David Perry impressed with handheld, but hoped Nintendo would innovate faster rather than take "baby steps"

BF Heroes will be "a phenomenon" - David Perry

Veteran developer has faith that EA will "pull off" free-to-play model

Finding Acclaim

Acclaim's COO David Perry on spotting new talent, user-generated content and free-to-play games

Perry: E3 is an embarrassment

"The concept is broken, it's expensive, consumers are ignored," says Acclaim exec

Project "Top Secret" winner announced

Michael Zummo has been offered the directorship of an upcoming game working with David Perry in Acclaim deal has announced details of its first investment deal, a multi-million pound stake from Mayfield in Acclaim Games, publisher of massively multiplayer videogames.

Perry Time

In part two of our interview, Dave Perry discusses new IP and the Nintendo factor.

Acclaim licenses Solid State Networks technology

Solid State Networks announced that Acclaim Games has licensed its Solid Axis peer-assisted delivery technology for the launch of the 2Moons MMORPG

Acclaim to offer disk versions of online games

Acclaim Games is partnering with to offer physical delivery of Acclaim's multiplayer online games which were previously available only via download.

1 million players register for free Acclaim title

One million players have downloaded and registered to play Bots!!, Acclaim's free online fighting game.

Community-built MMO will be racer, reveals Perry

Shiny Entertainment founder Dave Perry has revealed more details of the new massively multiplayer online title he is producing together with Acclaim and thousands of volunteers.

Perry to produce community built MMO

David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment, is to produce an massively multiplayer online game built by, and for, games players.

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