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505 Games signs Underworld Ascendant

Payday 2 publisher picks up crowdfunded Ultima Underworld successor from Paul Neurath and Warren Spector's Otherside Entertainment

Former 2K Games exec Neil Ralley joins 505 Games as president

Ralley was general manager for 2K Games International for nearly 11 years

Rocket League physical sales pass 1m

505 Games posts huge figures for previously digital-only indie release

Digital Bros invests €1.44 million in Ovosonico

"Ovosonico stays independent with no change of control"

Starbreeze sells Brothers IP for $500,000

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will now be controlled by 505 Games

Giant Squid and 505 Games partner up

"505 actively go out of their way to ensure that our artistic freedom is undeterred"

505 picks up Adam Orth's game

Publisher confirms 2015 release for debut game from Three One Zero

505 Games: Ashes Cricket 2013 "failed to deliver"

Publisher blames developers for bad game, offering full refunds

Darksiders and Red Faction go to Nordic Games

Nordic Games emerges as the big winner of the THQ auction

505 Games publishing Starbreeze titles

Both companies announce worldwide publishing partnership

505 Games picks up Adidas fitness title

Release scheduled for this summer following legal dispute with THQ

Zumba Fitness dominates UK chart in 31st week

Majesco title outsells 2nd, 3rd and 4th combined as Shadows of the Damned debuts in 31st

Publishers lost over 6m following Red Ant collapse

Bethesda hardest hit with loss of 1.7m

Gem to distribute Ubisoft products following Trilogy collapse

Publisher 505 Games says it's "business as usual" despite distributor going into administration this week

505 Games to publish NaturalMotion's Backbreaker

American football title picked up for Spring 2010 release on Xbox 360, PS3

Sturmovik demo reaches 1m downloads

Title hits milestone via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

505 Games launches Yo! Sushi partnership

Publisher to place DS consoles in restaurant chain for diners to sample Cooking Mama 2

Trilogy Logistics contracts with 505 Games

Trilogy Logistics, an independent logistics provider to the UK entertainment market, has secured a contract as primary service provider to 505 Games

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  • 402-420 Silbury Court,
    Silbury Boulevard
  • Milton Keynes
  • Buckinghamshire
  • MK9 2AF
  • United Kingdom

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