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2K acquires PGA Tour 2K21 studio, signs Tiger Woods

Publisher adds HB Studios to roster and strikes a long-term exclusive deal with golf icon as president David Ismailer discusses 2K Sports' new expansion era

2K Foundations to provide basketball and STEM education facilities in US cities

New initiative will target "underserved" communities in 12 cities in its first year

NBA 2K18 reaches ten million units sold

Lifetime franchise sales exceed 80 million

Reviews vs. revenues: Mixed messages for Take-Two

NBA 2K18 players say they hate virtual currency, but sales figures say they're spending more than ever; Take-Two listens to the latter at its peril

2K Sports no longer releasing MLB games

There will be no MLB 2K14 as 2K parts ways with the sport

Sports Games: Tackling a Catch-22

We talk with several sports franchise devs about walking the tightrope between innovation and appeasing a core fan base every year

NBA 2K13 sets first week franchise sales record

2K Sports doesn't state how many units were sold, but sales were up 49% over NBA 2K11

NBA 2K13 names Jay Z as executive producer

The rapper will lend his "artistic vision" to 2K Sports' annual title

EA and 2K extend NBA licensing deal

Use of likenesses, names and arenas included in "multiyear" contract

2K Sports secures Asian baseball deal

Maple Story's Nexon Corporation to co-develop new Korean online title

2K confirms sponsorship deal with ESPN

Publisher to feature in channel's European NBA coverage

NBA 2K9 reaches 2 million sales worldwide

2K Sports coincides the milestone with a limited edition NBA 2K9: Anniversary Edition announcement


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