2Evolved Pte Ltd is a game development company that will revolutionize electronic gaming through the use of hi-tech physical assets. Our flagship IP, Men At Sea, is set in a fantasy post-apocalyptic water-world about pirates and parodies. Spanning across multiple platforms, Men At Sea IP is designed to captivate the masses through 3D animations, comics, online games, console games and e-books.

While online electronic gaming has been around for decades, majority of which deal mainly with virtual assets. There are plenty of psychological studies showing the superior retention power of physical assets as compared to virtual assets. Leveraging on a hybrid of existing technologies like RFID, we will transform traditional trading cards into a common physical medium for multi-platform gaming, with each platform boosting its own unique adaptation of bridging the physical and digital barrier. The card will communicate with the game using a proprietary hardware peripheral, which can extract and write digital information onto the cards.


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