2D gaming is not dead.

Despite what you may have heard from doomsdayers and polygonal graphics whores (as well as certain hardware manufacturers that possess an apparent disdain for the style), sprite-based visuals and X-Y plane movement are still wonderful vibrant, vital components of the hobby that we greatly cherish.

Super Mario Bros. defined the hop-n-bop gameplay that has become a videogame staple. Lords of Thunderís beautifully simplistic carnage mesmerized shooter fans. Street Fighter III: Third Strike is considered by many to be the pinnacle of 2D brawling. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is action-RPG perfection.

Still, some mainstream reviewers continue to drop the ball when turning an critical eye toward 2D visuals. They compare them to 3D games in the most disparaging manner. They call them outdated. They say that they arenít as stunning as the latest polygonal title that packed a production budget that rivaled any modern Hollywood blockbuster. They lack depth.

This gross misunderstanding and neglect was the genesis of 2D-X in May 2009. Our goal is to deliver real deal coverage of the 2D gaming scene, past and present. Our team has been gaming steadily since the heyday of the 8-bit area and continue to enjoy the craftsmanship of a quality 2D title.

So what will you find at News with perspective. Reviews that eschew the traditional number-based system to provide deeper insight. Developer interviews. Detailed features. The people and culture of video gaming. Lest you think weíre aging geezers that are stuck in the past, we also cover polygonal titles. But our hearts remain in the 2D realm.

Welcome to where old school is new school.


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