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2K Boston

Sorry, but we don't have a description for this company yet.

Recent articles about 2K Boston

2K Boston reverts to Irrational Games

BioShock studio goes back to pre-acquisition name

Levine opines over troubled PC gaming platform

BioShock creator adds that digital distribution represents a great opportunity to open up more product delivery channels

Levine: Online evolution is "exciting in every possible way"

2K Boston boss sees "benefits all round" to ongoing relationship with gamers

Ken Levine - Part Two

The 2K Boston boss on the evolution of online, the BioShock 2 decision, and age ratings

Levine: "The goal for our next project is something very different"

BioShock's creator hints at what the 2K Boston team are looking at next

Ken Levine - Part One

The 2K Boston boss talks costs, immersion, chaging audiences, and the team's goals for the next project.

Courageous not cowardly development rewards publishers - Levine

BioShock dev praises Take-Two for willingness to gamble on unproven products

"Not a lot of hope" for mid-budget developers, says Kline

2K Boston's technical director feels that triple A or casual are the only options for new IP

Shock and Awe Tactics

2K Boston's Christopher Kline on emotion in videogames and the impact of more casual titles on the marketplace

BioShock team to keynote Develop

Ken Levine to be joined by Chris Kline, Nate Wells and Bill Gardner

PS3 BioShock confirmed for October

2K Games' critically acclaimed FPS will come out on Sony's console later this year with extra content and features

BioShock 2 sequel coming from 2K Marin

In conjunction with the release of its financial reports for Q1 2008, Take-Two has announced that BioShock 2 is in development and planned for a Q4 2009 release

Use the game's world to tell stories, says Levine

The game world itself, not characters or cut scenes, is the best space for storytelling says 2K Boston's Ken Levine

Telling Stories

Ken Levine on casual gaming, the importance of narrative, and the value of interpretation

2K's Levine not worried about acquisitions

2K Boston's creative director Ken Levine isn't concerned about acquisitions, as he believes it is all about development talent

GDC: Portal captures Game of the Year honours

The 8th annual Game Developers Choice Awards were announced this evening at GDC in San Francisco, with Valve's Portal taking the highest honour

D.I.C.E. 08: Job is to amaze people, says Levine

Speaking as part of an impromptu panel at the D.I.C.E. Summit 2008, Bioshock creative director Ken Levine reminded the crowd that the job of the developer is to amaze people

Best of GC titles winners announced

The winners of the Best in Show awards from this year’s Games Convention in Leipzig have been announced, with Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 taking two awards for Best PlayStation 2 game and Best PlayStation 3 game.

Levine responds to BioShock concerns

2K Boston's Ken Levine has responded to concerns about the PC version of BioShock and quashed speculation that a PS3 version is in development

Irrational gets 2K rebrand

Irrational Games, the company developing much-anticipated action title BioShock, has renamed its offices in-line with the branding of its parent company, Take-Two Interactive Software.

Office details

  • 125 B Street, Second Floor
  • Boston
  • Massachusetts
  • 02127
  • United States

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