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1C: "It's almost impossible to make money even on a good game"

Russian publisher's games boss feels high-budget titles have become too risky

1C's games boss Nikolay Baryshnikov

The Russian gaming giant on a challenging market and the importance of niches

1C seeks Russian government investment

IL-2 Sturmovik publisher asks Kremlin for 11m to boost "patriotic" products

1C Company and EA enter distribution deal

Russian company to distribute the publisher's titles across the region

1C Company acquires rival publisher BUKA

No merger for the companies as they plan to work together on publishing, marketing and distribution activities

1C confirms multiformat plans

Publisher will put out two new cross-platform titles worldwide for the first time

1C acquires Ino-Co

Moscow's 1C Company has acquired fellow Russian developer Ino-Co, the team behind Star Wolves and Fantasy Wars.

Fireglow to digitally distribute 1C UK games

Fireglow Games has announced an agreement with 1C UK to digitally distribute seven of 1C's full-scale PC games

Atari to distribute five titles with 1C

Atari has announced that it will distribute five new titles with 1C in the US this fall

1C Company signs new deal with Atari

Atari has signed a new agreement with Russian games firm 1C Company to distribute and co-publish a range of titles for the US market.

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  • 21, Seleznevskaya Str.
  • Moscow
  • 123056 Box 64
  • Russian Federation

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Office details

  • 1C UK ltd
    Cardinal Point, Park Road,
  • Rickmansworth
  • Herts
  • WD3 1RE
  • United Kingdom

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