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At Reboot Develop, Rockfish, Vlambeer and 11 bit take very different views on the value of cutting prices

“We know how to talk about these games. All we need are talented developers”

11 bit Studios' Paweł Feldman on becoming the "first choice" publisher for meaningful games

"Like a spark thrown into a barrel of explosives"

11 bit's Pawel Miechowski describes the studio's move from successful tower defense series Anomaly to make This War of Mine

This War of Mine DLC to benefit War Child charity

11 bit studios is donating 100% of the proceeds to the charity that aids children affected by war

This War of Mine covered its costs in two days

11 Bit Studios' unflinching war game finds both commercial and critical success

11 Bit Studios fights pirates with free Steam codes

"Just spread the word, and you'll help us a lot”

Witcher devs join 11 Bit Studios

Update: ""We make games in small teams where creative input is the key" says MD


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