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Welcome to the 3D virtual world of Bin Weevils! – A unique virtual platform where kids can have entertainment through 3D multimedia experience. At Bin Weevils we focus not only on the fun element, but also develop a friendly and engaging environment... Read full profile.

Biodroid Entertainment

Biodroid Entertainment adds value by developing innovative products based on strong existing IP. We maximise IP value through cross-platform digital media, mainly but not exclusively in the video game market. We assure that success factors of IP are... Read full profile.

Biometric Game Studios

The word 'biometric' in our name comes from biometry, as the company was founded on biometric technology in June 2006. After winning Hamar Game Challenge 2006, the company was later accepted into Kunnskapsparken Hedmark's business incubator. Today, Biometric... Read full profile.


The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is building a dynamic and competitive UK economy by: creating the conditions for business success; promoting innovation, enterprise and science; and giving everyone the skills and opportunities... Read full profile.


Established in 1996, Bitcasters has a well-earned reputation among industry, academia and world leaders for exceptional insight and innovation. The company has been instrumental in the success of interactive departments and initiatives at some of the... Read full profile.

bitHeads Inc

The Experts at Building Strategic Enterprise and Mobile Applications. Customers love our strategic, grounded and experienced approach to delivering applications with the power to swing market share in their favour. With over 16 years of experience... Read full profile.


BoosterMedia is a mobile casual games company. It develops mobile games and publishes mobile gaming portals. The games, often based on open technologies such as Flash for Mobile, HTML5, address a wide audience of both male and female, young and old. Additonally,... Read full profile.


A broad-based law firm, Bristows distinguishes itself through the depth of its knowledge in each of its specialist disciplines. This enables its clients to call on a rare blend of legal and commercial understanding, whether in IP, IT, corporate or one... Read full profile.


Broodworks is now Superbot Entertainment, Inc.


Clefbits is a music production company specialized in soundtracks for videogames. Our team is able to compose music in any musical style for every platform available in the market. Clefbits musicians have a respectful music background, both in theory... Read full profile.

Colin Dodson & Associates Ltd.

We are an artworking studio with 30 years combined experience in the video games industry. We have specialised in artworking for video games since our creation in 1999 and are lucky to include Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Capcom and Sega Europe... Read full profile.

Computer Games Online is the largest gaming-only portal in Romania, serving its readers the latest news, downloads and reviews since 1997.

Creafi provides high quality online media solutions to advertisers and publishers globally through our world class online technologies and expertise. We deliver effective traffic with a phenomenal reach that consistently gives our clients a real promotional... Read full profile.

Founded in December 2009 by game industry veterans, leaves the brick and mortar market behind and is the first to provide free and up-to-date information about deals, trends, availability and pricing of digitally distributed games... Read full profile.

DONTNOD Entertainment

DONTNOD Entertainment is a game development studio founded by experienced and talented game professionals. DONTNOD develops AAA games for next generation consoles and far-reaching cross-media products, based on original concepts and innovative technologies. The... Read full profile.

Edelmann Community Management

Embrace. Engage. Involve! – We Care About Your Community! As one of the leading companies in the special subject of (social) community management for gaming and entertainment products, we are providing easy, flexible and scalable services and expert... Read full profile.

Enzyme Testing Labs

Welcome to Enzyme Testing Labs™, a large-scale multicultural ISO 9001:2008 certified company entirely dedicated to video games. With our highly secure facilities, we help video game publishers and developers reduce production costs, enhance the gaming... Read full profile.

Exit Games GmbH

Exit Games builds high performance Online Game Engines for MMOG, Social & Browser Games. >> Millions Of Players Connected >> Free Trials, Indie & Dev Licenses

Falling Pixel Ltd

Falling Pixel is Europe's leading supplier of high quality 3D content, sourced from top professional studios and artists from around the world. The diverse range of 3D available is suitable for industry projects that demand high quality 3D content ranging... Read full profile.

A dutch website for female gamers.

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