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Report: EB stores refuse to stock PSPgo

Australia's largest game retailer rumoured to be withholding support for digital handheld

EB Games could be the latest retail chain joining the ranks of those that have refused to stock Sony's upcoming PSPgo, if reports coming from Australia are correct.

According to Kotaku, numerous EB retail stores in Sydney have confirmed the console is not listed on their systems, despite its imminent release. The site also spoke to one rival retailer urging customers to preorder from its store because "EB aren't stocking it."

EB's head office refused to verify the rumours, saying it would not be commenting on the PSPgo.

Meanwhile, an SCE Australia spokesperson stated Sony has received solid support from retail ahead of the October 1 launch day of the PSPgo although refused to comment on another company's business.

"Retail support of the PSP platform includes both PSP 3000 and PSPgo," they added. "Many retailers will choose to range both PSP models side-by-side as we continue to offer expanded choice for the consumer for the handheld device platform. As with any new product, there will be continued discussions with retail partners to continue to expand reach over time in line with growth of the entire PSP platform."

Dutch retailer Nedgame and European chain Media Markt have already stated their decision not to stock the digital handheld - a stance ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta said he sympathised with earlier this month.

"Sony has decided to cut publishers and retailers for the software of the PSPgo and deal direct with developers, giving them a 70 per cent margin for any items sold on Sony PSN. I believe if they had lowered that to 50 or 60 per cent, and given the opportunity to online retailers, it would have enjoyed greater success and retailers would attempt to promote the console to the market," he commented.