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Regnum Online

Buenos Aires-developed MMOG gets combat system upgrade and new items.


Buenos Aires – (September 23, 2009) NGD Studios, the leading MMO developer and publisher in South America, has today brought forward big improvements in its flag ship product Regnum Online. NGD has also unveiled an aggressive road map for enhancements to come during the next quarter.

Regnum Online is the biggest massively multiplayer game developed in Latin America. With support from leading distributors and publishers around the world, Regnum Online is gaining momentum with thousands of new players signing up every day.

The September release features a number of enhancements that makes game play and in-game graphics improve dramatically. At the center is an overhaul of the combat system which is more realistic and gives each user better control for both duelling and massive realm battles.

In addition, new premium items are added such as new lucky boxes which allow users to upgrade their weapons or armour by purchasing in-game currency - Ximerin. Long awaited new ways to pay are also included where premium SMS is being be added for most major markets in the game.

“Regnum’s unique approach to player vs. player action is what makes our game so special. Three realms in constant war in an immersive continuous battlefield, where players can hunt in groups, attack fortresses or plan massive invasions into enemy territory with hundreds of users battling in the same place. It is an open ended experience where people have full control of the game world.” said Andrés Chilkowski, General Manager of NGD Studios.

“Considering the improvements we have made this year and the upcoming technology update in October, Regnum Online will become one of the best MMORPGs of its kind available for free!”, adds Chilkowski.

About NGD Studios

NGD Studios is Latin America’s leading developer of massively multiplayer online games. A fast growing community of thousands of simultaneous users is playing Regnum with friends across the world. Founded in 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina it has a strict focus on delivering the most engaging MMO games for an international audience. As an early innovator in the gaming industry, NGD has built extreme expertise in player vs. player game play which allows it to create intensely engaging and social games.

Web sites: www.regnumonlinegame.com - www.ngdstudios.com

For more information contact:

Andrés Chilkowski, GM, NGD Studios

Phone: +54.11.4862.6682

Email: andres.chilkowski(@)ngdstudios.com


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