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Reeves: Profit is number one priority in 2009

Sony Euro exec wants to alleviate financial pressure and move PlayStation business forward in the coming year

President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, David Reeves, has said that the priority for the PlayStation business in 2009 is to finally make a profit.

Speaking on the official PlayStation website, the exec noted that the company must reduce the pressure to turn a profit before concentrating on pushing games and services.

"The most important thing for us as a company in the very short term is for us to start making money," he said.

"This is a pledge that was made last March and is something that we are still very much on target to achieve. Once we have achieved this, I think it will be a very exciting time for PlayStation.

"Once we have alleviated that specific pressure, we can move forward at a rate of knots," added Reeves.

As well as previously announced titles on the horizon, Reeves also highlighted the launch of music and video download service Vidzone, for the PlayStation Network, as key to the console's offering in the coming year.

Vidzone was previously announced to go live in Q1 2009, but Reeves mentioned the service will not go live until later in the year.

"2009 promises to be a very exciting year for PS3, with blockbuster titles such as Heavy Rain and Killzone 2 coming out, whilst we have the music and video download service becoming available towards the end of the year."

"We have built our reputation over the years on great entertainment, and innovation and 2009 will be a prime example of PlayStation at its very best," added Reeves.

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