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Record stock value and market share for Apple

Shares reach $301 as Apple becomes US' fourth-biggest computer seller - and projected to reveal $20bn Q4

Apple's share price has hit an all-time high ahead of next week's financials.

Stock value hit $301.96 yesterday, closing at $300.14: climbing 42 per cent across the course of the year, and becoming a record for the iPhone and Mac-maker.

Analysts are predicting the announcement of $20 billion revenues for Apple's fourth quarter, around 50 per cent higher than for the same time last year.

In addition, Gartner has posted its quarterly PC market share results, which reveal that Apple holds 10.4 per cent of the US sector.

Its total computer shipments for the last quarter reached 183.2 million in the US. This is a growth of 13.7 per cent on the same time last year, and results in Apple becoming the fourth-biggest computer brand in America, after HP, Dell and Acer.

ComputerWorld estimates that, were iPad sales to be included as well, this would make Apple the USA's number one PC maker.

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