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Ürban PAD

Version 2.0 constructed of the city building software.

Lyon, France – October 26, 2009: Gamr7 is pleased to announce the release of Ürban PAD 2.0, the latest version of its procedural city creation software, Ürban PAD. The suite, which includes four content Editors and a city generation engine, offers fast and fully editable procedural city creation through automatic content placement, real-time manual editing, and contextual adaptation.

"Urban PAD is focused on the rapid and detailed creation of large cities,” says Lionel Barret, Gamr7 founder and CTO. “Its multi-level procedural city generation system allows users to experiment, build, and rebuild in a few clicks. Version 1.2 received an excellent response, and we decided to push the envelope further by enabling even faster workflows in the new version.”

Ürban PAD 2.0 provides an enhancement of Ürban PAD’s existing content and city generation features and introduces a wide array of new ones, including:

· A revamped interface

· Wider format support for mesh conversion

· 20-fold time gains for some features

· Better context generation control capacities

· City Project format for easier team project management

“Our focus for 2.0 has really been improving Ürban PAD integration into production pipelines, which is why we’re pleased with the new City Project format,” says Barret. “The format centralizes project resources and allows all team members to work simultaneously without fear of data loss or corruption. This step lays the groundwork for the four template Editor libraries, which are currently in development.”

The 2.0 release follows the trajectory of Gamr7’s business development over the past months, says Bernard Légaut, General Director.

“User feedback from the last version allowed us to cross the bridge into 2.0,” says Légaut. “Many of the new features are user-requested, and developing them in this version adds value for our clients by optimizing their time and development budgets.”

To inaugurate the new release, Gamr7 has enhanced its company website and has created a forum dedicated to Ürban PAD and procedural-city building. The release also coincides with the launch of this year’s Unearthly Challenge, of which Gamr7 is a sponsor.

Gamr7 revealed plans to integrate Ürban PAD into Eden’s Garden pipeline back in May, and other engine integrations are currently in the works.

For more information or to request a trial version of Ürban PAD, please contact Gamr7 at contact@gamr7.com or visit the Gamr7 website.

About Gamr7

Gamr7 is the developer of Ürban PAD, a city creation middleware. The Ürban PAD toolchain dramatically reduces the time involved in city creation by using procedural technology and parallel production workflows. To learn more, visit www.gamr7.com.


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