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"Final five" revealed, Galactica-style.

As with every legendary opera or Shakespearian masterpiece, the worldwide display of Raskulls genius must come to an end. We’ve had some laughs, shed some tears, but now that the final cast of Raskulls has been assembled, there is no holding back. They will arrive, they will conquer. Hide your children, lock up the elderly:

The Final Five Arrive


All the way from Down Under, Koala is as arrogant as he is awesome. He will more than likely drop on your head, insult what you are wearing and your belief system, then run away cackling like any true blue Australian would. In short – he’s a jerk.


If you have some vintage wine in a locked cellar, don’t invite Wizard around to perform magic at your next dinner party. He’ll probably use his legendary punch-in-face spell then pass out in the cellar after making the wine mysteriously “disappear”. Whatever you do, don’t give him the keys to his broomstick. The last incident was unpleasant for all concerned…


A symbol of good will and chivalry throughout the kingdom of Raskulls, Knight is even more well-known for his fashion sense. He’ll be more than happy to rescue a damsel in distress – just don’t mess up his hair. And that doesn’t even make sense.

Milk Carton

I have no idea.


He is a deadly weapon while also being a shrewd businessman. He had the good sense to trademark “Ninja Invisibility”, so the next time someone disappears then starts chopping heads off without even thinking about it, Ninja will be there with his lawyers ready to cash in.

The Raskulls roster is now complete! For the full cast of characters and further information on this exciting Xbox Live Arcade game, visit the official Raskulls page at Halfbrick.com!

About Raskulls

Raskulls is an upcoming puzzle platformer for Xbox Live Arcade. It’s an entirely original IP from Australian developer Halfbrick, and features a lengthy single-player adventure campaign along with rich local and online multiplayer modes. With racing, combat and puzzle elements, not to mention the tongue-in-cheek humor found rampant throughout the entire game, it’s a platformer unlike anything seen before. To be released in Q3 2009. Check out more Raskulls media including all the profiles so far at www.halfbrick.com and subscribe to Halfbrick updates via Twitter, Facebook and Youtube!

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