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Another set of character profiles from Halfbrick's upcoming XBLA puzzle platformer.

Brisbane, Australia, April 20th 2009

This week on Raskulls Unleashed, we sat down with three more from the wacky crew to obtain some very in-depth analyses into the minds of such intelligent characters and build some truly memorable character profiles, akin to the genius of King’s “Kinging”, Pirate’s expertise in Parrot Taming, and Duck’s gender being called into question, even though he/she doesn’t really know the answer.

After settling in with a bottle of Moet and Beethoven’s Serenade for String Trio in D major, we expected Dragon to begin reciting his artistic influences and comment on the state of the Carthaginian economy in 647BC. Here is the net result of that intelligent foray into the life and times of Dragon.

That’s it? Dragon’s contribution to the in-depth profiling of the Raskulls cast? Well, I guess it says that he likes people in power, and King would be the first to tell you how much power he has. It’s really not as much as he thinks.

Next up on the chopping block is Ridinghood, who was quick to clarify a certain technical issues some people were having with her outfit – and her entire reason for existence.

All of Ridinghood’s fans can now bask in her generous and friendly nature. Ignore the physical impossibility of how her signature kiss looks the way it does, and you’ll become a big fan just like everyone else!

Finally, here’s a shout-out to one of the lesser-known, yet equally important members of the Raskulls team. Blue Block is always around to show his face in even the most hazardous of levels, so he gets points for effort.

When you’re a Blue Block, it’s tough living in a world filled with Raskulls whose chief desire is to smash blocks. He has a family to support, and this is how he gets treated? Shame on you, Raskulls.

About Raskulls

Raskulls is an upcoming puzzle platformer for Xbox Live Arcade. It’s an entirely original IP from Australian developer Halfbrick, and features a lengthy single-player adventure campaign along with rich local and online multiplayer modes. With racing, combat and puzzle elements, not to mention the tongue-in-cheek humor found rampant throughout the entire game, it’s a platformer unlike anything seen before. To be released in Q3 2009. Check out more Raskulls media including all the profiles so far at www.halfbrick.com and subscribe to Halfbrick updates via Twitter, Facebook and Youtube!

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