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Ran Online

Action RPG launches "Ran Pal" event to help us all make friends online.

- Min Communications promoting friendship between worldwide users through the official site for global tournament

- Ran Online lets you kill two birds with one stone -- make "Global Ran Pals" and win game items, too!

Online Game Developer Min Communications (CEO: Kim Byeong-min) announced on January 15 that it would hold the "Ran Pal" Event wherein users can make global friends between nations through the global network site of Ran Online ( http://www.ran-online.co.kr/), the modern school action RPG it developed.

The "Ran Pal" event is held in the official GT site ( http://www.ran-global.com/) based on the global network of "Ran Online" through the global tournament (GT). Worldwide users of Ran Online can make global friends through this site; users among those found to have the most vigorous activities shall be chosen as "Best Ran Pal" and awarded game items as well.

Organized to establish a community of international users, the "Ran Pal" event is giving life to the official GT homepage with over 1,000 users who have already participated in the event.

Stephanie Guyud, a Filipino user who is making foreign friends through Ran Pal, expressed satisfaction with the smooth international communication provided by Ran Online. "Making acquaintances with users from other countries through Ran Pal has been a wonderful experience. It adds to the fun in gaming since my Ran Pal friends actively help me out in the game," she said.

"I hope users from each nation form a consensus on Ran Online through its active global network. We shall become the leader in global games through a user oriented-event in the future," Min Communications CEO Kim Byeong-min said.

Ran Online is currently enjoying huge popularity in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines. The "Ran Online Global Tournament" (GT) has been held since 2007, drawing considerable interest from local gamers in Thailand and Philippines.

[Developer & Publisher Introduction]

Founded in August 1997, Min Communications is a game developer that has been providing "Ran Online" and "Mar Mar," the two games it developed. Thanks to the success of the overseas services of "Ran Online," it has secured users and service networks worldwide. In particular, the company has established overseas branches under the name "Min Taiwan" in Taiwan and "Min Thai" in Thailand.

The next release dubbed "Mar Mar" is a casual MMOG that follows the world view of "Ran Online." Although slated for release in 2009, "Mar Mar" is already drawing the attention of gamers with its friendly atmosphere and easy control.

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