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Ran Online

3D MMORPG set in a school gets a "massive" update.

- The Updates which were developed with collected Users' feedback are revealed

- New Attack Skills, Club Battle, Item Search and many more

'Fun & Convenient at the same time'

The school action RPG RAN ONLINE ( http://www.ran-online.co.kr) serviced and developed by online game developer MIN COMMUNICATIONS (CEO KIM, Byung Min) are releasing the footages on their first 2009 massive update about New Skills and Club Battle.

RAN ONLINE is a full 3D MMORPG played upon school and city background. RAN ONLINE is a charm of modern action games and it is loved by users all around the world. Especially, through the 'RAN ONLINE Global Tournament (GT)' which has been held since 2007, they have confirmed users' sizzling love and interests from all over the world.

The footage released to the public contains the demonstration of the new skills in each class, including the Fencing Club's original skill 'KwanDoNanMoo' has been modified to 'NanPaDoSic'.

The RAN ONLINE's new skills added this time are total 12 new skills of 16th Level of attack skill for one skill in each department classes. In Kuk Kang Club, four new 17th level attack skills have been updated in each class. Plus, more new skill addition is already scheduled and expected to add more excitement to the Users game play.

RAN ONLINE's User RvR the 'Club Battle' can be held not only in weekends but also in anytime during the weekdays now. 'Club Battle' can be joined by the 'class A' clubs and it can let a club to fight against five different other clubs at the same time for massive battles. Especially, the 'Club Battle' is a system which was built upon users feedbacks so there are many high expectations about it.

In addition, 'Item Search' function has been added and it can search all the items that are sold in personal stores. Items' prices and the locations are also shown to make the game more convenient playing environment for users. 'Pet Skin Pack' has been added also it can change user pets' outlook into the familiar RAN ONLINE monsters to give more variety of fun.

CEO Kim, Byung Min at MIN COMMUNICATIONS says ¡°We have prepared this update as a repayment to RAN ONLINE users who have shown us the steady love.¡± and ¡°I hope users can feel and experience the New Skill addition, Club Battle and many more to have more fun.¡±

For more information on RAN ONLINE's massive new updates, please visit its official website.

[Developer & Publisher Introduction]

Min Communications Inc. was first founded in August 1997 as a game developer and they have been developing and servicing 'RAN ONLINE' and 'MarMar Online'. 'RAN ONLINE' was very successful in overseas market and they have built global service networks with users around the world. Especially, they have overseas branches at Taiwan and Thailand. (Min Taiwan, MinThai)

Their next piece 'MarMar' which is a casual MMOG has the continuously similar game theme as in RAN ONLINE. 'MarMar' is scheduled to service from 2009 and it is getting lots of attention from users by its friendly mood and easy controls.

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