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Qube unveils Q 2.1 engine update

The cross-platform 3D engine will now be more responsive to client's needs

Qube software has announced the release of Q 2.1, the first significant update of its engine.

Q is a cross-platform 3D game engine designed to be completely customisable. It has been touted as a tool for developers in India working on the PS2 and a tool for developing next-gen titles.

"The same architecture that makes Q the only true cross-studio solution also makes it quick and easy for us to add new features… because even major Q updates don’t break compatibility with code and data built on older versions," said Qube CEO Servan Keondjian.

"What we’re doing is adding plug-ins using exactly the same process as studios use to build their own."

"So Q is simply more responsive to clients’ needs than any other middleware on the market, whether that be through Qube adding new features or through studios doing it themselves," Keondjian added.

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