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QPAD Signs With Team Pandemic

Stockholm 2007-04-24

QPAD, the gaming gear company famed for its cutting edge mouse pads, is pleased to announce Team Pandemic as its latest corporate partner in USA during the 2007 season.

Through continued success in the eastern hemisphere, QPAD now sets its sights on expansion into America. Team Pandemic will represent QPAD not only as their first sponsored entity in the United States, but also as acting diplomats for the brand throughout the 2007 season. The partners' combined effort will feature a number of online and live event promotions hosted by teampandemic.net and its players at stops including, but not limited to the World Series of Video Games, the World Cyber Games, and JC-Media's Underground Gaming Series.

Formerly, Americans would have found it very difficult to obtain QPAD product from within the United States. In conjunction to our partnership with Team Pandemic, however, QPAD has also secured a deal with Fremont, California distributor ASI to finally bring their product to domestic vendors. While you can expect to see QPAD product available soon at a variety of online retailers, Pandemic will be bringing you the lowest cost possible on all QPAD surfaces and accessories at the team's newly launched pro-shop. This site will be released in a few days and you can be among the first in the country to own one of the world's finest gaming pads.

"It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce QPAD as the exclusive mousing surface provider for the Pandemic family of professional gaming teams. QPAD is an internationally renowned manufacturer known throughout Europe for providing high quality products and friendly service to the world's most demanding community of gamers. We feel that we not only share a common vision for the future of eSports, but that Pandemic can ultimately help get their product in the hands of Americans eager to experience a superior mouse pad." Says Chris Lemley, Vice President of TeamPandemic, LLC

"America has produced some of the world's most glorious names in every domain: America gave us Julia Roberts and John Wayne. America made the F16 jet, the Cadillac, and the Dodge Viper. We can safely afford to say that the country of America has a strong understanding of beauty and performance. The first nation to send a man to the moon is today giving us one of the biggest and best multi-gaming organizations the world has ever seen. In the eyes of QPAD, Pandemic was the obvious choice from which to create a satellite of the Q brand over the leadership of esports and gaming worldwide.

For the very first time in corporate history we announce with great pride and excitement our Q landing in the USA. Though we have been requested by American teams and communities numerous times throughout recent years, none have given us the same thrill of opportunity as Pandemic does today. We felt complicity with Pandemic core values, sharing the same enthusiasm meeting after meeting with executives Mark Dolven and Chris Lemley. We believe today that the QPAD lifestyle will be supported to the fullest and that Pandemic offers true commitment to the core of American gaming. Welcome Team Pandemic, and welcome America to the QPAD Galaxy!" Says Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi, QPAD Global Community Manager

About Team Pandemic:

Team Pandemic is a three year old professional gaming organization that has currently has divisions in Counter-Strike, Call of Duty 2, Warcraft 3: DotA and World of Warcraft. In 2006, the team competed in various tournaments and won over $40,000 in cash and prizes. In 2007, the team will be again competing in all of the major professional gaming events including, but not limited to the World Series of Video Games, Electronic Sports World Cup, World Cyber Games and the CyberAthlete Professional League World Tour. Team Pandemic is currently supported by its corporate partners Plantronics, QPAD, SUBWAY, NationVoice.com and GoDaddy.com. The team is currently incorporated as TeamPandemic, LLC under the laws of the State of Arkansas.

Official Site: http://www.teampandemic.net

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/pandemicteam

About QPAD Pro Gaming Gear:

QPAD has built its success on a grassroots commitment to the gaming community. Like the consumers that QPAD serves, they thrive in the madness of competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming. The knowledge QPAD has gained through their sponsorship of community activities such as the QTour and other European gaming championships has fed into their development of high quality products that provide great performance and have given many a winning edge. QPAD was established 1994 in Sweden.

Official Site: http://www.qpad.se

Media Contact:

Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi

Global Community manager

QPAD Pro Gaming Gear

email: jean-pierre Q qpad.se

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