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PvXwiki.com is holding a new contest - can you play by our Guild Wars Limited rules?

ArenaNet is known to do amazing things to the world of Guild Wars. Here at PvXwiki, we have taken things one step ahead, introducing our own idea for a future Guild Wars: the Guild Wars: Limited Edition, accessible to all campaigns released thus far. "Why limited?", you may ask. The answer is simple: instead of eight skills, the Guild Wars: Limited Edition only allows players to use five skills on their bar. That's right: Five skills!

It's just like the Guild Wars you're used to - but using only five skill slots. Try your hand at making builds for the Domain of Anguish, Urgoz's Warden, and even Team Areans and Guild Verses Guild battles with these limitations.

For the second official PvXwiki contest, we are inviting you to come up with your very own Limited Edition builds with this new restriction. Anyone can enter, and winners will receive excellent prizes courtesy of Razer.

The makers of the three best-working builds will receive limited edition Guild Wars TM Razer Deathadder mice!

PvXwiki - proudly sponsored by Razer. For Gamers, By Gamers.

Contest Dates:

February 3rd - February 24th

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