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Puff Puff

Deep-sea drilling game now available, with 30% of proceeds going to marine restoration.

August 31, 2010 – Los Angeles – Prepare to experience the Gulf Oil Spill on your iPhone! Explore the underwater world of deep sea drilling, dodge globs of oil, broken pipes, Robo Subs, and more! 30% of proceeds will go towards restoring marine habitats of the Gulf of Mexico. Remixes of the game are encouraged, with the hope that other developers will follow in the footsteps of 6th Mega and incorporate a social mission with their releases.

Puff Puff (available at http://itunes.com/apps/puffpuff), launched August 2, 2010, allows players to control the awesome superpower of diodon holocanthus, the spiny puffer, to navigate a coral reef where they race to escape the jaws of tiger sharks, discover sunken ships and pirate treasure. The game requires skill and precision to master the art of buoyancy control and stay alive!

The Gulf Oil Spill update introduces a whole new mind-boggling universe of deep sea drilling with new obstacles, new enemies, new ocean life, new power-up (extra lives!), and refined controls!

Version 1.1.0 Features:

Unique pinch and stretch multi-touch control Challenging physics-based gameplay Addictive survival game mode Extra lives, speed, and invincibility power-ups 3D animation, detailed underwater landscape Synthy 8-bit sound effects and music that escalates with gameplay Big Oil protestors, sea life, sunken ships, pirate treasure Arcade style online worldwide leaderboards via OpenFeint, the largest social gaming network on the iPhone!


iTunes Link: http://itunes.com/apps/puffpuff Puff Puff Page: http://6thmega.com/puff-puff Flickr Asset Feed: http://bit.ly/cK8mpS Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/6thmega Manifesto: http://6thmega.com/manifesto


About 6th Mega

6th Mega (online at http://www.6thMega.com) is a new independent developer of goodware. The company has been established and fully funded by peer-to-peer lending on the Prosper.com platform. 6th Mega is committed to increasing awareness of the sixth mega extinction and helping save the humans. 30% of proceeds of the company's flagship product, Puff Puff, a casual game for the iPhone, will be donated to help support ecosystem restoration by supporting organizations that provide protection to the world’s oceans with an immediate focus on the Gulf of Mexico marine habitats.

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