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Gamasutra rebranding as Game Developer

Trade site drops "cringey" moniker in favor of affiliated but discontinued print publication's name as Alissa McAloon becomes new editor-in-chief

By Brendan Sinclair

Streamers protest hate raids with #ADayOffTwitch

The strike aims to force the platform into combatting attacks on marginalised creators

By Danielle Partis

Yogscast Games hires Curve's Simon Byron as new director of publishing

Media firm ramps up its publishing efforts as Byron tasked with seeking new titles from indie teams

By James Batchelor

Twitch sees viewership increase of 23% for July

Facebook Gaming sets a new record with 522 million hours watched

By Jeffrey Rousseau

British Esports Association launches Parent and Carer guide

Guardians will be able to learn about the industry and online safety precautions for children

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Twitch promises more action over 'hate raids' against marginalised streamers

Streaming site fixes vulnerability in chat filters, says improvements to ban evasion detection and account verification coming later this year

By James Batchelor

How to deal with discrimination and harassment | Podcast

Splash Damage's Cinzia Musio and Limit Break's Anisa Sanusi discuss how the industry can stop toxicity behind the scenes

By James Batchelor

Activision Blizzard staff reject company's choice of law firm

Employee group continues to ask leadership to address their demands for a better workplace

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Facebook blocks Road 96 ad "for being political"

Questions arise as to which game advertisements comply with platform's ad policies

By Jeffrey Rousseau

The Academy Jobscast: Recruitment and diversity

Final episode of our four-part series now available, discusses how to improve your hiring process and appeal to a broader range of applicants

By James Batchelor

Activision Blizzard employees reveal plans to walkout

Staff to stage strike in protest of leadership and harassment allegation lawsuit

By Jeffrey Rousseau

In the wake of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit | Podcast

Latest episode available now, discusses the need for accountability and shares resources for those who need support

By GamesIndustry Staff

How to get a job in the games press

The Academy looks into how to get a job as a games journalist

By Marie Dealessandri

Gaming outlets halt Activision Blizzard coverage

The Gamer, GameXplain say they won't be covering the company's products until more is done; Prima Games puts "hard pause" on Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft coverage

By Brendan Sinclair

Can Steam Deck succeed where the Machines failed? | Podcast

Latest episode available now, also offers a breakdown of this year's conflict mineral report

By GamesIndustry Staff

The Academy Jobscast: Recruiting the next generation

Educators discuss the routes from university into games development as part of our Get A Job In Games Month

By GamesIndustry Staff

Out with the new, in with the OLED | Podcast

Latest podcast discusses Nintendo's upcoming Switch revision and is available to download now

By GamesIndustry Staff

Twitch and Facebook see an increase of 4% for Q2

Grand Theft Auto was most watched game at 167m hours followed by League of Legends with 143m hours watched

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Konami cancels contract with FC Barcelona player

Publisher cuts ties with Antoine Griezmann over video over mocking staff at a Japanese hotel

By Jeffrey Rousseau

The Five Games of Warren Spector | Podcast

The developer who helped define the immersive sim discusses Ultima, Deus Ex and Epic Mickey

By James Batchelor

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