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PSN is "a perfect learning opportunity" for developers, says Yoshida

Sony's exec explains how the network allows young creators to learn how to develop games and experiment

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, has said he believes the PlayStation Network serves as "a perfect learning opportunity" for young and independent minded developers.

Speaking to Kotaku at the E3 event in Los Angeles, Yoshida said he believed PSN was the antidote to increasing development cost, time and complexity, which often doesn't provide the best learning experience to newcomers into the industry.

"This is great for the industry as a whole because games development has become bigger and bigger and lots of people coming into the industry have to start by taking part as a very small part in a large development and the games take three years to develop - that doesn't help people to get experience on making games," Yoshida explained.

"The network is a perfect learning opportunity for the young developers as well as very entrepreneurial, independent minded creators to try out new concepts and release it globally... and get the reaction from consumers."

"That's a huge learning opportunity for these young developers as well as an industry being able to try new concepts... It's a great opportunity for those creators to show what they can do and also to try out new ideas that perhaps induce a larger development," he added.

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