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PS3 tops hardware sales in Japan

Yakuza 4 success sees big weekly sales boost for Sony's home console

The release of Sega's Yakuza 4 in Japan has had a marked effect on PlayStation 3 sales in the region, with Sony's home console outselling both the PSP and the Nintendo DS.

With 383,972 unit sales in its first week Yakuza 4 has also proven to be a significant system seller, with PS3 sales almost doubling to a total of 50,164 for the week.

This total put it well ahead of both portable consoles, whose own sales remained almost unchanged from the previous week. As such the PSP sold 39,508 units (including 1,491 for the PSPgo) and the DS sold 38,974 (DSi XL: 20,765, DSi: 14,256, DS Lite: 3,953).

The Wii was subsequently left in fourth place, with its sales also static at 31,101 units.

Sales of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 were also largely unchanged from the previous week at 2,419 and 1,711 units, respectively.

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