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Project L

Mysteriously named, 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG featuring Vicky and Johnny.

Title: Project L

Genre: 2D Side Scroll MMORPG

Engine: Originally developed (tentative name: Spring Engine)

Developer: GAMEHI

Publisher: Not determined

Service schedule: Close-beta test in the first half of 2009


Peculiar characters' troublesome adventure in fairyland - Character OSMU of popular animation 'Vicky and Johnny'

- The game takes approach to friendly fairytales, which makes everyone to access easily.

Easy and jaunty controls of arcade style - The game includes the joy of arcade game control

- Controlling sensation maximizes the characters' unique and nimble movements

Study and Entertainment are combined in a system - The game supports many opportunities that users can learn through experiencing contents. Global Launching Project - The process of the project is focused on not only servicing in Korea, but also global services.

Special features

Game System

Multi Weapon - Depending on the situation all weaponry can be exchanged instantly. Game In Game - Another game exists inside the game Spring Action - A unique action experience can be done through springs. Multi Use EXP - A unique system that maximized the application of experience points.

Community System

Party Synergy - Party members' synergy effect varies. Couple System - Couple characters' ability increase as the level of attachment increase. Occupation Guild - Occupation guild system supports social activities inside the game CO-OP Quest System - Cooperating quest system that combines high and low level users together
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