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Professional Football Simulator

Text-based American footie sim offering such delights as "HTML, CSV, and Access DB output".

Austin, Texas - January 11, 2010 - BarcodeGames.com announces the release of Professional Football Simulator. Professional Football Simulator, or PFS, is a new text-based simulation game for professional football fans.

What is Professional Football Simulator?

Professional Football Simulator is a text-based simulation game for the PC. PFS allows players run a football team through a single season or dozens of seasons. Players are in complete control of many team functions, including player drafting, free agency, roster moves, lineup setting, and play calling. The game allows significant customization of leagues including choosing from many popular league formats, financial models, team names and importing of players.

In Personal leagues the player is allowed to take control of as many teams as desired and controls all aspects of the league. Seasons can be simulated in seconds allowing players to replay past seasons or explore what-if scenarios.

In Online leagues players can enlist other online friends to participate in a multiplayer league and compete against one another. Online leagues allow for commissioner features, such as importing and exporting game files, creating and publishing HTML, and managing the roster moves and trades between teams. The HTML is highly customizable allowing leagues to change color schemes and the look and feel of their league pages.

Key Features

• Single player or Multiplayer mode

• Fast, accurate, and easy to use game engine

• HTML, CSV, and Access DB output

• Detailed statistics, box scores, records, league history

• Realistic game schedules

• Built in upload of team settings for online league mode

• Custom league formats and expansion

System Requirements: Windows PC or Mac with Bootcamp installed


Professional Football Simulator is available for download from http://www.barcodegames.com/

Contact Information

Brooks Piggott, Lead Developer

Email: brooks@barcodegames.com

WWW: http://www.barcodegames.com/

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