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Princess Arabella wants to play

Interactive storybook for any small children you're prepared to trust with your iPad.

Learn, play and read

In the story "Princess Arabella wants to play", children go on a journey of discovery with Princess Arabella and her dog Ziggy. Princess Arabella meets all kinds of animals and makes lots of new friends. But a little Princess off on an adventure all alone? Will she be alright? Her parents the King and Queen are quite worried, but Princess Arabella manages just fine, and everything comes to a surprising but happy end. "Princess Arabella wants to play" is aimed at children from the ages 4 to 10. It's a lovely adventure to read yourself, or you can listen to the beautiful voice of the storyteller. The story comes to life through extra features like music, sound effects and hidden animations on every page.

Princess Arabella grows up

"Princess Arabella wants to play" attracted considerable attention as an interactive story on the iPhone and iPod touch, and now the interactive book is available on the iPad. The high resolution of the iPad brings the hand-painted watercolours even more vividly to life, and the iPad allows the reader to read the entire text for themselves, with still the option for younger readers to read a simplified version of the story.

Princess who?

Writer and illustrator Mylo Freeman came up with the idea for Princess Arabella when she heard how an Afro-American girl had turned down the leading role in a play because "there aren't any black princesses". The way forward was obvious to Freeman: she would write a picture book about a black princess herself. That turned out to be Princess Arabella, a plucky black princess with a taste for adventure. There is a whole serie of successful books about the strong willed princess. And with the arrival of the interactive book on the iPad, Princess Arabella is taking another step into the future.

Note for the editor

The Creators: This interactive book was produced by publisher RumdeeDum in close collaboration with writer and illustrator Mylo Freeman and the Dutch game developer Codeglue.

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