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PR & Marketing Manager service

Buttering up the press on your behalf.


The challenging economy forces many independent developers and publishers to cut costs in an effort to remain profitable. It is not uncommon in the games industry to see public relations and marketing spend cut to a minimal or completely postponed indefinitely. The focus of many struggling businesses today is sales: if only sales would improve, everything would be great, right? Unfortunately, there is a tragic side effect to downsizing efforts within public relations and marketing. Without effective, direct, and targeted public relations and marketing initiatives, sales will not increase; sales will stall at best and backfire at worst. In today’s competitive market developers and publishers need to distance themselves from competitors. After all, consumers too are affected by the economy and will be very selective in their spending on entertainment. To become or remain successful as a game developer or publisher, focused and controlled use of budget for public relations and marketing will not only keep consumers interested in your products but also increase sales, which is the objective after all!

Indie Developer Consulting introduces a new “PR & Marketing Manager” service, offering to represent your company and its products. The service is comparable to having an in-house fulltime, highly experienced, and dedicated individual performing all your public relations and marketing needs including a rolodex of international contacts readily available. The service includes among other advantages the handling of all media inquiries, representing the entire current, and back-catalogue of products, and includes unlimited press releases, unlimited event handling and unlimited marketing initiatives at a very attractive price: all on an international level, saving your company from having specialist agencies or public relations and marketing representatives in regions such as Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

For additional information please email bizdev@indiedeveloperconsulting.com or visit www.indiedeveloperconsulting.com where further information and pricing is available on this, and many other services from Indie Developer Consulting.


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