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Icarus and the American Research Institute team up to create 3DI learning environments.

CARY, NC – JUNE 25, 2008 – PowerU, a serious games joint venture by Icarus Studios, a platform provider for massively multiplayer online games, virtual worlds, and e-learning products, and American Research Institute (ARI), a long-established leader in role-based, results-oriented education and training services, was announced today. The new venture is the first company to offer an integrated learning infrastructure that incorporates 3DI (three dimensional immersive) learning environments for leading organizations to dramatically improve the effectiveness of their workforce development.

PowerU will use Icarus’ technologies, including the proprietary Icarus Real Time™ development engine and nScale™ network architecture, to add networked 3D environments with advanced simulation systems to the ARI learning management environment. This will enable organizations to create and deliver serious games/training courses that will provide 3D approximations of real world scenarios in a graphically rich educational and professional training offering to their learners.

”We are very excited about the opportunity to couple our next generation online platform with ARI’s world class educational platform. We are confident that our combined technologies and skill sets will take e-learning to the next level,” said James Hettinger, CEO of Icarus Studios.

“PowerU combines world-class instructional techniques and tools with a sophisticated game engine to serve the quickly growing immersive worlds/serious games market,” said Richard Kristof, president and CEO of PowerU. “This represents the most significant step forward in learning technology since training was first delivered over the Internet.”

PowerU Offerings

PowerU offers a solution that enables organizations to transition to 3DI learning rapidly, seamlessly, and inexpensively. PowerU provides:

. Easy-to-use tools to create and deliver 3DI learning;

. Services to support instructional designers to develop 3DI content; and

. Interfaces to incorporate 3DI modules into the organization’s existing learning infrastructure.

One of PowerU’s first releases was a training course on sexual harassment avoidance techniques which was unveiled at the recent Virtual Worlds Conference in New York. Rather than viewing visually-limited 2D training content, adult students are immersed in a 3D, visually-enhanced learning experience. Trainers can easily alter the content in many ways, e.g., such as role changing from male aggressor to female aggressor, to portray a variety of real world possibilities.

For more information about PowerU and new courses under development, visit www.poweru.net. For business inquiries, contact Richard Kristof at rkristof@poweru.net.

About Icarus Studios

Icarus Studios, based in Cary, North Carolina is a leading virtual worlds and MMOG solutions provider. Icarus has created a unique combination of next generation proprietary technology and services enabling unique advantages for its client partners by providing a solution that: has the highest quality 3DI production value; reduces initial development costs, and accelerates time to market through Icarus’ Rapid Application Development Tool Suite; and has been designed for massive scaling, maximum hardware utilization, and full redundancy. The Icarus Rapid Application Development Tool Suite is the first and only platform and developer tool suite designed specifically as an integrated third-party environment for 3D online world creation. www.icarusstudios.com.

About American Research Institute

ARI, based in Morrisville, North Carolina, a leading provider of education and training services, supports major organizations including eBay, Microsoft, Dell, Sprint, the Air Force, and GlaxoSmithKline, through high-quality, educationally sound, and mission-critical training. ARI offers a wide range of services from designing custom training solutions to full outsourcing of training operations. ARI specializes in assisting clients by designing creative training solutions using the latest instructional design technology and delivery infrastructure. ARI has been recognized internationally for the quality of its content with numerous awards. www.americanri.com.

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