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POSTAL MOD AW7 Finishes in Top 15 For 2005 on MODdb


February 15, 2006


Tucson, AZ "You know you have real fans when a MOD of a game like POSTAL - which has been unfairly branded as the poster program for videogame violence and been made into a convenient industry scapegoat for years now - finishes in the Top 15 of a major poll," observed delighted Running With Scissors' CEO Vince Desi.

Vince was referring to the fact that MOD legend and POSTAL 2 maven Kamek's AW7 had finished tied for fifteenth position in the month-long poll conducted by MODdb.com to determine the best MODs of 2005.

In AW7 (a 7-day long extension of Apocalypse Weekend), Kamek mixed the most savory ingredients of POSTAL 2 and its climactic installment, Apocalypse Weekend before turning loose his own imagination. According to the results http://features.moddb.com/218/?fpage=1, the MOD community turned in nearly 30,000 votes on their favorite work and AW7 finished tied for the 15th slot with Alien Swarm in the Overall Top MODs category.

"I first started working on AW7 not too long after Apocalypse Weekend was released here in the states," Kamek recalled. "I'd played through the game a few times and was kind of disappointed with the rigid structure. It was mission-oriented and you couldn't deviate off the beaten path, which was one of the greatest features of POSTAL 2. The new weapons freaking rocked, though! I had so much fun with the flying machete. The only problem was that you couldn't take these weapons back to the original Postal 2 game -- you were confined to Apocalypse Weekend's levels. You COULD bring the weapons back into POSTAL 2 levels, but the pawns in the POSTAL 2 maps don't respond properly to those weapons."

Thus was born AW7, Kamek's second major MOD release (the first being Airmail for POSTAL 2: Share the Pain). He initially fashioned new subclasses of the AW pawns to fit them into POSTAL 2 then laboriously replaced each and every character in the original P2 maps with an AW-format NPC. Still not satisfied, he got permission from fellow MODman M@DJackal to incorporate M@DModz elements into AW7.

According to MODdb.com: "Apocalypse Weekend 7-Day Game takes the best elements of both POSTAL 2 and Apocalypse Weekend, throws in a bunch more weapons, mixes in a touch more variety to the NPCs, and allows you to go absolutely friggin' nuts. While not a complete overhaul by any means, 7-Day Game expands on the original universe just enough to keep players grounded in a familiar universe while opening up a wealth of additional options to play around with.

"And did I mention the Katana? Man, is that thing fun...".

For access to the MOD itself, check out the AW7 page http://mods.moddb.com/6008/ then check out the AW7 thread on the

forums http://web2.gopostal.com/cgi-bin/ib3/ikonboard.cgi?act=st;f=4;t=17832.

Kamek reports two patches in the works. "One is a bugfix patch, which will repair all the problems that I didn't get around to for release, and the other is the ED Weapons patch, which will enable the use of certain Eternal Damnation weapons in the game.

"I did a lot of work on AW7," Kamek acknowledges, "but without all the other people who chipped in, it wouldn't be much other than just AW weapons in Postal 2 maps.

Congratulations to Kamek from everyone at Running With Scissors.

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