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Postal III

Something slightly tenuous to do with a dog.


April 25, 2009


Pima County, AZ: The most famous dog in video gaming, POSTAL's Champ (the real life company mascot of RWS top dog Vince Desi) recently found himself on the dark side of celebrity. On September 9, 2008, a dog attacked a fellow canine in Desi’s neighborhood and Champ got pinched because his registered residence is Vince’s home, despite the fact that the high profile pooch hasn't lived at his childhood home — respectfully referred to as Champ's Chateau — since 2002.

One witness testified that they saw the attacking dog run up Vince’s driveway and Desi was charged with two counts of leash law and dog bite violations. The owner of the dog who lost the fight and a Pima County Animal Control officer also testified.

The trial had everything but coverage by TMZ with Champ — who stars as the loyal companion to the Postal Dude in the POSTAL video game series — represented by renowned criminal attorney Bert Polis. According to Polis: “It was my great pleasure to save Champ, an innocent dog, from false accusations. In fact, between my two clients, I found that Champ actually listened to instructions better than Vince.” Given that the dog described in the attack was “young, small and fast,” and Champ aka 'Old Man Champ' is 10 years old, suffers from Valley Fever and was elsewhere at the time, Mr. Polis was able to convince the judge, the Honorable Paul Simon, to build a bridge over troubled waters and find Vince (and Champ) Not Guilty on both counts based on misidentification.

“RWS has always stood for Truth, Justice and the American way,” Desi declared on the courthouse steps following the trial. “The thought of an innocent animal, Champ, being accused and persecuted for something he had no knowledge or responsibility for was abhorrent, and something RWS simply could not allow to go unchallenged.”

Champ himself had no comment, but the “Teflon Dog” was clearly enjoying his vindication. Said a spokesperson: “He’s just happy he’s not in the Dog House any longer.”

To celebrate Champ’s legal triumph, a very special T-shirt is now available at the Café Press Store. Other POSTAL-based products that have recently arrived on the market include an excellent Postal Babes mobile game and Uwe Boll’s outrageous film version of “Postal” which is now available on DVD .

For more information on the Postal games and gear, as well as updates on the development of POSTAL III visit our new expanded site www.runningwithscissors.com and be sure to visit Prime Cuts for in-depth coverage of the RWS scene.

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