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Post Script

Episodic series of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 mods from Resolution Magazine editor Lewis Denby.


25 NOVEMBER 2009, Leeds, England – A series of short, single-player modifications for Valve Software’s Half-Life 2: Episode 2 will examine the nature of humanity, complex characters and a collapsing, decaying world.

Post Script, an original concept by Lewis Denby, is to be an episodic experiment in game design and videogame narrative.

A post-post-apocalyptic tale of humanity and inhumanity, Post Script examines the nature of society, how it shapes us and how it’s shaped by us. It asks how we respond to astonishing hostility and unexpected love. It raises big questions, but there’s a decent chance it won’t get round to answering them. It is a series of very short computer games, in which you explore an environment and occasionally solve a lightweight puzzle.

Lewis Denby has been trying to design a game for as long as he can remember, but always jumps head-first into projects he can’t manage. “The episodic nature of Post Script means that, hopefully, this time will be different,” he said. To himself. While writing this press release.

When not designing and building mods – which, until recently, was most of the time – Lewis works as a videogame journalist. He is the editor of Resolution Magazine ( www.resolution-magazine.co.uk) and a contributor to Gamasutra ( www.gamasutra.com), GameSetWatch ( www.gamesetwatch.com), Faceoff Games ( www.faceoffgames.com) and Eurogamer ( www.eurogamer.net).

For further information, please visit postscriptmod.wordpress.com, or email postscriptmod@gmail.com. Very professional, I’m sure you’ll agree. Not having a domain is totally the new having a domain...

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