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Water balloon game gets Battle Mode.

PopTag! players who like to play solo but want the challenge of battling other players, will enjoy the new Battle Mode added in the most recent update of Nexon’s casual water balloon game. This new mode has players challenging one of four non-player characters: G-sta Zombie, Thrilla, Zombie Sue and Mr. Ghooost. To start off, players will only have access to G-sta Zombie and Thrilla, but the more they play and the more points they earn, the other two will be unlocked. These ghostly opponents have the ability to run around the maps, drop balloons, pop bubbles and taunt players. Choosing one of four difficulty settings, players can continue challenging themselves as they get better. Players who want a little help can also challenge these zombies with up to three of their friends.

The rewards in this new mode are as bountiful as all other existing modes, providing players Lucci and various functional items. The soloists looking to improve their game before challenging other players can now practice against interactive non-player characters in Battle Mode and level up in the process.

Playing in Battle Mode, along with all other modes, will help players gain experience points and level up. In a co-promotion with MapleStory, MapleStory iTCG and Mabinogi, three of Nexon’s other games, PopTag! players who reach level three in both PopTag! and iTCG will be rewarded with the usual rewards in both games, as well as an item from either MapleStory or Mabinogi.

To test you skills against G-sta Zombie, Thrilla, Zombie Sue and Mr. Ghooost, visit: http://poptag.nexon.net. Join other water ballooners at www.facebook.com/poptag.


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