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Emperor Penguin requires defeating.

Water balloon battlers itching for a frosty challenge can now enjoy the newly added Monster Mode in Nexon America’s PopTag!, where they can try to defeat the Emperor Penguin and his minions. As with the previous Monster Mode, players will select a map and go through two stages of defeating minions before they can battle the deceptively cute Emperor Penguin boss monster.

In order to get to the boss monster, water balloon battlers have to defeat two levels of icy minions who freeze when hit with a water balloon. Unlike other levels, players must act quickly and shatter the ice-trapped enemies before they come back to life.

Tougher than the previous boss monster, the Emperor Penguin is tricky to defeat. Emperor Penguin is much faster and has no set patterns like the dreaded Octopus King boss monster. He also lays egg minions that walk around and hatch into normal minions, adding to the challenge of defeating him.

To take on the Emperor Penguin and his icy minions, visit: http://poptag.nexon.net. Visit www.facebook.com/poptag to join other fans.


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