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Finger-juggling action for the iPhone.

Welcome to Poppi, a game of quick reflexes and joyous screen tapping. The aim is to stop the falling shapes from reaching the bottom of the screen. Tap the screen with your fingertip to deflect the shapes into each other to clear them. A unique blend of colour matching and finger juggling action, with a slice of billiards!

Pop your way through waves of shapes with unique behaviours. Colourful rings and flowers, Heavy metal lumps and zippy light bubbles. Destroyable bricks and a wrecking ball. Its not all nice stuff though... Avoid pushing the shapes into spiky mines and don't tap your finger near those bombs!


- Silky smooth unique gameplay provides for an incredibly tactile experience

- Colourful sharp visuals, played against a soothing backdrop of animated colours and patterns

- Like wind chimes, the sounds of strange melodies emerge as you interact with the shapes

- The stress less simplicity of having only one game mode to play!

Poppi is the latest piece of fun from PomPom Games, independent creators of videogame loveliness. We hope you enjoy our game as much as we do.

Visit www.PomPomGames.com for more PomPom goddies.

Poppi is availabe for any shiny iPhones and iPod Touch, and at a measly 60p/$1 via the iTunes store:


YouTube video of Poppi in action:



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