Loot boxes aren't the problem but how we use them is, says legal expert

“The key is how we use these mechanics, not whether we use them,” says Will Bucher

By Haydn Taylor

Four Indian cities ban PUBG Mobile

Battle royale game suspected of triggering violent behaviour, police have already arrested players

By James Batchelor

Mukti: Acknowledging the grim reality of human trafficking in India

UnderDogs founder and CEO Vaibhav Chavan discusses his hope to raise awareness of a growing problem

By Haydn Taylor

Tencent shares reach six month high after difficult 2018

Update: Industry analysts Niko Partners offer insight on Tencent's current position

By Haydn Taylor

Sega pulls Judgment from sale in Japan after actor arrested for alleged cocaine use

Publisher is considering next move after Pierre Taki admits to violating nation's drug laws

By James Batchelor

Take-Two settles copyright case with another GTA V cheat creator

Defendant Erik Cameron acknowledges violations, pays undisclosed settlement

By Rebekah Valentine

EA apologises for delay in dealing with Sims community sexual predator

"We are disappointed in how events have unfolded and we own our responsibility to that," says The Sims general manager

By Haydn Taylor

House of Lords calls for new Digital Authority to regulate tech giants

New authority would oversee regulation to “facilitate the urgent change that is needed”

By Haydn Taylor

2 Milly, Alfonso Ribeiro, others drop lawsuits against Epic Games over dances

Supreme Court ruling on copyright law forces plaintiffs to wait for dances to be granted copyright registration

By Rebekah Valentine

Rape Day prompts call for UK government review

British MP questions how Valve is "able to get away with this kind of stupidity"

By Haydn Taylor

Academics call for industry co-operation on gaming disorder

"We are scrabbling around in the dark here, lighting little matches and seeing tiny bits of the pictures around us," says Dr David Zendle.

By Haydn Taylor

One Hour One Life dev struggles with unofficial port

Jason Rohrer stands by decision to release game into the public domain despite problems with customer confusion around mobile adaptation

By Brendan Sinclair

Law firm encouraging shareholders to sue Activision Blizzard over Bungie split

Kuznicki Law joins search for lead plaintiff after publisher made “materially false and misleading statements”

By James Batchelor

California man sues Epic Games over "predatory" loot boxes

Complaint alleges Save the World's loot llamas were "like playing a slot machine"

By Rebekah Valentine

How games whitewash Nazism, and the responsibility developers have to history

Through the Darkest of Times devs explore the industry's dangerous failure when it comes to depicting fascism

By Haydn Taylor

No Deal Brexit will mean "dark, dystopian UK" | Opinion

Andy Payne discusses the potential impact of a No Deal Brexit on the UK games industry

By Andy Payne

Twitch's fight against EU copyright laws continues with MEPs playing Mario Kart

Two members of the European Parliament will discuss how to combat the divisive Article 13 on Twitch's official channel

By James Batchelor

Overwatch League Boston Uprising, New England Patriots owner charged with soliciting prostitution

Robert Kraft, 24 others charged after eight-month-long investigation in southern Florida

By Rebekah Valentine

"China is saying is that esports is cool, and more healthy than gaming itself"

What role can "offline" esports events like summer camps play in repairing the industry's relationship with the Chinese government?

By Matthew Handrahan

Epic Games files legal claim against Fortnite Live event organizers

Update: Organizer Exciting Events forced to stop trading to limit losses

By Rebekah Valentine

SEIS/EIS funding changes hurting UK games studios

How new government rules have created a catch-22 problem for developers, suspended a 150 million fund, and damaged investor confidence

By James Batchelor

Tencent introduces streaming rules to comply with Chinese internet governance

Chinese giant will now be policing streamers who promote real-world violence, discuss politics, spread illegal information and more

By James Batchelor

Cristiano Ronaldo replaced on FIFA 19 box art

The Juventus star was recently fined €18.8 million for tax evasion

By Haydn Taylor

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