Sega's Judgement will be available in Japan again in July

A new character model and voice will replace that of actor Pierre Taki, who was arrested on drug charges

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo to halt service of two mobile games in Belgium amid loot box debacle

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes to be taken offline in Belgium on August 27

By Haydn Taylor

Streamer Tfue sues esports organization for illegal operation as a talent agency

Turner Tenney claims Faze Clan did not act in his best interests, withheld 80% of his earnings from streaming

By Rebekah Valentine

Red Dead Online's in-game poker unavailable in certain regions

Despite no connection with real-world money, players in countries with strict gambling laws may not be able to access minigame

By Rebekah Valentine

Unity slammed over engine features supporting the gambling industry

Developer removes posts detailing "especially helpful" real-money gaming features

By Haydn Taylor

Riot Games stands firm against walkout employees' demands

UPDATE: League of Legends developer describes walkout as an "important moment" for the company, details changes made as a result

By James Batchelor

Apple ruling opens a can of worms for digital storefronts | Opinion

The Supreme Court ruling could open the floodgate to consumer lawsuits for digital stores -- including the content of developer agreements

By Rob Fahey

Kickstarter won't recognize employee union without an election

Interim CEO acknowledges problems but believes the company is "better set up to be successful without the framework of a union "

By Brendan Sinclair

Why we're headed toward loot box legislation | Opinion

The games industry is poorly positioned to defend itself on this front, and the fallout could impact a lot more than just loot box mechanisms

By Brendan Sinclair

Who is responsible for loot boxes?

Voices from around the industry share their thoughts on what's at stake and who should be doing what

By Brendan Sinclair

What yesterday's EU court ruling means for the games industry

Companies are advised to start acting quickly or face legal trouble once ruling implemented

By Haydn Taylor

Sweden investigating loot boxes

Swedish Consumer Agency has been instructed to review casino-like elements of gaming mechanics; local gaming trade group welcomes the move

By Brendan Sinclair

Employers must track staff working hours, EU court rules

Ruling to help uphold EU Working Time Directive should help tackle industry crunch problem

By Haydn Taylor

US Supreme Court says Apple can be sued for monopolization

Decision from lower court that iPhone owners are direct purchasers from Apple rather than from developers is upheld, opening door to future storefront suits

By Rebekah Valentine

ESA names Stanley Pierre-Louis CEO

Trade group's newly appointed head downplays reports of disarray and concerns about E3, crunch, loot boxes, and the WHO's decision on gaming disorder

By Brendan Sinclair

Australian Labor party pledges to reinstate $25m Interactive Games Fund

If elected, Labor promises to end six years of budget cuts around creative industries

By Matthew Handrahan

ESA reportedly troubled by eroded trust, harsh management styles

Former president Michael Gallagher said to have exhibited "challenging" management approach that celebrated burnout

By Rebekah Valentine

US legislator proposes loot box ban

Senator Josh Hawley to introduce a bill prohibiting pay-to-win and loot box mechanics in games aimed at children

By Brendan Sinclair

GWU calls for testimonies against reported sexual predators at Quantic Dream

Update: French developer claims no knowledge of any incidents and urges victims to, "contact the relevant authorities"

By Haydn Taylor

Tencent gives up on monetising PUBG in China

Long wait for approval prompts Chinese publisher to migrate users to new battle royale title, Game for Peace

By Matthew Handrahan

Germany considers new youth protection guidelines for mobile monetisation

Deliberately broad draft guidelines leave questions hanging around enforcement

By Haydn Taylor

WHO gaming disorder could cost South Korean economy over $9bn

Korean culture ministry writes to World Health Organisation protesting ICD-11 draft

By Haydn Taylor

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