Blizzard backlash escalates following Hong Kong supporter ban

US senators, Blizzard employees and Hearthstone communities decry developer's attempt to avoid controversy with China

By Marie Dealessandri

Man breaks into Valve, steals $40,000 of equipment, games

Same suspect has been previously arrested for burglary, stealing a FedEx truck

By Rebekah Valentine

NHS targets gaming addiction with new specialist clinic

"Compulsive gaming and social media and internet addiction is a problem that is not going to go away when they play such a key part in modern life," says mental health director

By Haydn Taylor

Epic Games faces class action lawsuit in Canada over "Fortnite addiction"

Developer failed to adequately warn of game's dangers, alleges lawsuit

By Haydn Taylor

Rick Fox sues Echo Fox partners for fraud

Ongoing dispute between organization owners sees Fox ousted as he accuses partners of "financially ruining" the company

By Rebekah Valentine

Epic, minor accused of cheating in Fortnite settle copyright suit

Confidential settlement concludes summer dispute between Fortnite YouTuber and game maker

By Rebekah Valentine

Former Nintendo lawyer and Kirby namesake John Kirby dies

Legal expert saved Donkey Kong in case against Universal

By James Batchelor

The UK games industry is at a regulatory crossroads | Opinion

Harbottle & Lewis' Kostya Lobov breaks down the potential impact of various government initiatives and investigations

By Kostya Lobov & Alan Moss

Gearbox and its former lawyer agree to drop lawsuits

Suits dismissed after parties resolve "misunderstandings," say evidence exonerated Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford

By Brendan Sinclair

SAG-AFTRA dismisses Gearbox's stance in Borderlands 3 union row

Actors union says Gearbox was unwilling to apply SAG-AFTRA standards to all Borderlands 3 actors

By Matthew Handrahan

Court upholds net neutrality repeal, but lets states pass their own

Mozilla's case against the FCC largely fails, though DC appeals court says preemption of state and local laws goes too far

By Rebekah Valentine

Switch Lite added to Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit

Consumers report Joy-Con drift with Nintendo's new console after a matter of days

By Haydn Taylor

Duke Nukem 3D composer sues Gearbox, Pitchford, and Valve

Gearbox allegedly failed to pay royalties to Bobby Prince with Duke Nukem re-release

By Haydn Taylor

US reportedly considering restrictions on investments in China

Latest discussions in ongoing trade war still said to be in early stages

By Rebekah Valentine

Can game makers rise to meet the challenge of climate change?

Activists and experts talk about the UN Playing for the Planet Alliance, and what more needs to be done

By Haydn Taylor

Walgreens suing AtGames for breach of contract

Retailer alleges plug-and-play gaming company owes it nearly $1.62 million for unsold products it returned

By Brendan Sinclair

Bandai sues AtGames over Ms. Pac-Man mini arcade cabinet

Complaint also alleges AtGames caused "irreparable harm" to Bandai following bodged Pac-Man licensing deal

By Haydn Taylor

French court rules country's Steam users can resell their games

Update: Ruling contradicts EU law and would be "disastrous" for consumers and industry, says ISFE CEO

By Rebekah Valentine

PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia and more sign up to United Nations climate change initiative

Platform holders pledge to save the planet with carbon neutral Xbox units and low-power suspension mode for PlayStation 5

By James Batchelor

Suspect arrested in conjunction with World of Warcraft DDoS attack

Blizzard confirms individual believed to be behind wave of server outages this month is in custody

By Rebekah Valentine

Anti-bullying advocates assess what's wrong in games

There's a cultural problem that isn't going to fix itself overnight, but behaviours can and do change with the right support

By Haydn Taylor

Kickstarter accused of "union busting campaign" by former employees

Two former staff claim they were fired for their roles in unionising Kickstarter's workforce

By Matthew Handrahan

Second person gets prison sentence in fatal swatting case

Call of Duty: WWII player gets 15 months for asking third party to report emergency at online opponent's address

By Brendan Sinclair

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