UKIE responds to Migration Advisory Committee immigration post-Brexit report

CEO Dr. Jo Twist: "Expanding the current Tier 2 system to EEA citizens would prove inefficient and cumbersome for the industry"

By Rebekah Valentine

Public investigation finds loot boxes are "psychologically akin to gambling"

Report suggests restricting sale of games containing loot boxes to players of legal gambling age

By Haydn Taylor

International gambling regulators unite on skins gambling, loot boxes

Agencies from Spain, UK, France, Washington State, and a dozen more concerns about "blurring of lines between gambling and gaming"

By Brendan Sinclair

Tiny Lab, Google, ad companies accused of violating Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

New Mexico lawsuit alleges companies illegally collected and tracked children's personal information

By Rebekah Valentine

NIST adds gaming software to National Software Reference Library

PUBG, World of Warcraft, others added to database to help cybersecurity and forensic experts better track software in investigations

By Rebekah Valentine

EA may go to court over loot boxes in Belgium

FIFA publisher has kept loot boxes in its games despite Belgian Gaming Commission warning

By Rebekah Valentine

Chinese hold on new video game licenses may last another 4-6 months

Industry slowdown in the country could continue as China centralizes its approval process for new titles

By Rebekah Valentine

Is the Olympics relevant for esports?

IOC president Thomas Bach dismissed games as “contradictory to Olympic values” - but his approval is less important than what esports is building elsewhere

By Rob Fahey

Tencent to verify Chinese Honor of Kings players against public security records

New measures required to ensure minors keep within play-time restrictions

By Matthew Handrahan

Brianna Wu's Congress bid fails, vows to run again in 2020

“America needs better leadership more than we need another video game. So, I am here for good.”

By James Batchelor

Riot responds to controversy over women and non-binary PAX workshops

“No matter how heated a discussion, we expect Rioters to act with respect”

By James Batchelor

Devolver removes neo-Nazi tattoos from Scum

Imagery was included to emphasise 'prison culture', review being conducted to check for other potentially offensive content

By James Batchelor

Jacksonville shooting victim suing EA for negligence

Also seeking damages from seven other defendants, including tournament venue Chicago Pizza and Jacksonville Landing mall

By James Batchelor

Chinese Ministry of Education recommends fewer game approvals to combat myopia

Also encourages regulations for screen time and introduction of age ratings for video games in China

By James Batchelor

Nintendo orders takedown of fan game maker Pokémon Essentials

Decade-old asset kit for RPG Maker pulled, along with wiki on how to develop with it

By James Batchelor

Blizzard locks sale of real money loot boxes in Belgium

Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm join growing list of games forced to halt sale of loot boxes by Belgian authorities

By Haydn Taylor

2K Games alters NBA 2K MyTeam mode to comply with Belgian loot box laws

UPDATE: Publisher also removes premium currency card packs from Dutch version, "disagrees with this position" in both nations

By Matthew Handrahan

Riot Games exec Greg Street promises change to sexist culture

Meanwhile, ex-Riot artist and Jinx creator Katie De Sousa reflects on her own experiences, is confident studio can turn things around

By James Batchelor

US judge blocks man from selling Grand Theft Auto Online cheat programs

Take-Two claims software by David Zipperer has cost the firm more than $500,000

By James Batchelor

China's censors may target business models, not content

With no games approved in four months, China's censorship regime is in flux; could game monetisation be in the sights of the new authorities?

By Rob Fahey

Veteran game designer arrested after altercation with police

Industry crowdfunds legal and medical fees for former Disney and Turbine developer Patricia A. Pizer after alleged assault

By Rebekah Valentine, James Batchelor

Anti-Brexit group Games4EU launches campaign

Grassroots movements aims to demonstrate the damage leaving the European Union will do to the UK games industry

Bethesda defends legal action against man selling pre-owned copy of Evil Within 2

Publisher says sale of sealed and unopened games still constitutes unauthorised reselling if listed as new

By James Batchelor

Growth of Chinese market slows to a crawl amid halt on government-issued licences

Market growth down to five per cent for first half of 2018, compared to nearly 30 per cent the year prior

By Haydn Taylor

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