Steam no longer allowing payments in Argentinian pesos

Storefront error cites "government laws," but currency depreciation may be at the heart of payment block

By Rebekah Valentine

Modified DayZ receives MA15+ rating in Australia

Bohemia Interactive's changes satisfy the Australian Classification Board

By Matthew Handrahan

Survey highlights culture of overwork and toxicity in UK games industry

Entertainment union boss describes results as "damning indictment" of industry's problems

By Haydn Taylor

The Podcast: Is this podcast 'political'?

Latest episode available to download now, also discusses Nintendo's struggles with mobile

By GamesIndustry Staff

The onslaught of regulation against games and esports | Opinion

Legal experts at Reed Smith reflect on the scrutiny the industry is under, and how the European Esports Federation might offer hope

By Nick Breen & Hunter Thomson

Ubisoft on politics in games: "We know we're not taking it far enough"

Editorial VP Tommy François says he wants future games to better represent multiple viewpoints on the world

By James Batchelor

Nintendo clamps down on YouTube game music channels

One channel received over 140 copyright claims against their videos

By James Batchelor

US delays tariff on game consoles

Trump says extra tax on some electronic products made in China won't go into effect until December 15 to lessen impact on holiday shopping

By Brendan Sinclair

Strauss Zelnick says if violent games caused gun violence, he wouldn't sell them

Take-Two CEO: "I wouldn't choose to market substances that would cause people to get sick"

By Rebekah Valentine

Ubisoft loses Rocksmith patent suit

Judge dismisses publisher's claim against music tutorial software maker Yousician with prejudice

By Brendan Sinclair

DayZ will be modified worldwide to lift Australian ban

Bohemia Interactive confirms it will be tweaking zombie hit to avoid isolating Australian players

By James Batchelor

Subnautica dev demands G2A pay $300,000 to cover lost chargebacks

Studio calls for controversial marketplace to honour its offer of 10x compensation

By James Batchelor

Epic Games faces class action lawsuit over Fortnite data breach

US law firm says Fortnite users "have no guarantee security measures will adequately protect their personal information"

By James Batchelor

The Podcast: It's a family show

Discusses E3 data leaks, abuse against Ooblets developer, the impact of mass shootings on games and the FTC's loot box workshop

By GamesIndustry Staff

Infinity Ward says Modern Warfare isn't political, debates how it ever could be

Game's directors stress that upcoming Call of Duty reboot focuses on "thematic things" not current politics

By James Batchelor

ESPN, ABC pull Apex Legends tournament show in wake of mass shootings

Broadcasters say decision was made "out of repsect for the victims"

By James Batchelor

Loot boxes a matter of "life or death," says researcher

Academics discuss their studies and concerns surrounding game monetization at FTC workshop

By Brendan Sinclair

Police say there is no danger after Twitch HQ threatened

Investigation ongoing, employee social media accounts suggest shooting threat

By James Batchelor

DayZ refused classification in Australia after Five Star Games submission

Update: Five Star Games has confirmed it was denied classification for DayZ's retail release in Australia -- the game is still available digitally

By Matthew Handrahan

Consumer advocates to ESRB, FTC: Loot box odds disclosure is not enough

Consumer Reports' Anna Laitin: "A kid is not going to make a better decision with odds disclosure"

By Rebekah Valentine

What did the FTC hear in its loot box workshop?

ESA defends virtual currency and dynamic drop rates as concerns are raised about consumer protection and similarities to gambling

By Brendan Sinclair

Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft to require loot box odds disclosure

ESA says platform holders will roll out new policy that would apply to new games and updates that add loot box features

By Brendan Sinclair

ESA also leaked E3 2018's media attendee list

Data has now been removed but was still live earlier this year, despite show organisers being alerted last September

By James Batchelor

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