Quantic Dream sues press over reports of toxic workplace - Report

Detroit: Become Human studio takes legal action against two of the three outlets who unearthed allegations of harassment and discrimination

By Brendan Sinclair

British Games Institute announces 20 new board members

Organisation calls for the games industry to help govern its programmes

By Haydn Taylor

Netherlands pushes for EU-wide loot box legislation

Loot box ruling from Dutch government body could set precedent in Europe against certain iterations of the mechanic

By Haydn Taylor

Loot boxes in leading games violate Dutch gambling legislation

Developers have eight weeks to change their look box mechanics or face prohibition

By Haydn Taylor

What does GDPR mean for digital entertainment businesses?

In the second part of their GDPR guide, Purewal & Partners' Jas Purewal and Peter Lewin offer advice and ten key tips for games companies

By Jas Purewal and Peter Lewin

The accidental relevance of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

MachineGames creative director Jens Matthies on when he realized his Nazi-killing game was going to be politically topical, and dealing honestly with Nazi ideology

By Brendan Sinclair

What does GDPR do?

Purewal & Partners' Jas Purewal and Peter Lewin provide an overview of the imminent EU data protection regulation - the first of three parts to be published this week

By Jas Purewal and Peter Lewin

Google Play faces allegations of market abuse in South Korea

South Korean FTC begins survey of mobile companies to uncover alleged abuses

By Haydn Taylor

FTC warns about illegal warranties, likely including Nintendo and Sony

Federal Trade Commission states that companies are not allowed to force users to use specific service providers

By James Batchelor

Patent lawsuit against Microsoft, EA, and Nintendo quashed at appeal

Federal court finds patent holder's argument "unconvincing"

By Haydn Taylor

Oregon passes its own net neutrality laws, but not for home users

"The internet has democratised knowledge and is an invaluable tool. It's so important that it remains open and accessible"

By James Batchelor

Trade marks: How much do you really need to protect?

As the Star Control legal battle extends to alien race names, Harbottle & Lewis' Kostya Lobov offers advice on striking a balance

By Kostyantyn Lobov

Nexon and Netmarble fined for loot box practices

Korean FTC hands out almost $1 million in fines, the majority to Nexon

By Matthew Handrahan

Former GTA producer suffers setback in $150m lawsuit against Take Two

Court finds profit sharing agreement unambiguous, but Benzies could still be compensated

By Haydn Taylor

ESA joins battle for net neutrality

E3 organiser and games lobbying group files to participate in lawsuit against Federal Communications Commission

By James Batchelor

PUBG Corp. files lawsuit against NetEase for alleged copyright infringement

Look and feel of both mobile games "closely mimic" PUBG, says developer

By Haydn Taylor

Gender pay gaps: Here's how we fix them

Amiqus' Liz Prince believes this week's revelations should compel the industry to address how it recruits, retains and promotes women

By Liz Prince

69% of large UK games firms have bigger gender pay gap than national average

UPDATE: King and Rockstar added to database, based on businesses with 250 or more employees

By James Batchelor

GDPR-K: How the kids data privacy law affects games publishers everywhere

SuperAwesome MD Max Bleyleben explains why it's not enough to look for GDPR compliance - in the kids' space, you also need GDPR-K compliance

By Max Bleyleben

Niantic settling Pokemon Go Fest lawsuit for $1.6 million - Report

Resolution will see developer reimburse travel costs for attendees of last year's disastrous Chicago event

By Brendan Sinclair

Eugen Systems striking devs going to labour court

Employees initiating proceedings against Steel Division: Normandy 44 studio after six weeks with no progress in negotiations

By Brendan Sinclair

Big Fish Casino ruled illegal in Washington

Ruling applied to social casino game could be extended more broadly as virtual currency is "a thing of value" under gambling laws

By Brendan Sinclair

Culturalisation, and why Microsoft rewrote history for Korea

Geogrify's Kate Edwards discusses how to tailor your game for global appeal - and what to do if you inadvertently cause offence

By James Batchelor

Sadiq Khan aims to attract £30m for developers with new Games London investment

UPDATE: City mayor pledges £1.2m for London Games Festival organisers, ensuring three more years of events

By Haydn Taylor

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