Anti-Brexit group Games4EU launches campaign

Grassroots movements aims to demonstrate the damage leaving the European Union will do to the UK games industry

Bethesda defends legal action against man selling pre-owned copy of Evil Within 2

Publisher says sale of sealed and unopened games still constitutes unauthorised reselling if listed as new

By James Batchelor

Growth of Chinese market slows to a crawl amid halt on government-issued licences

Market growth down to five per cent for first half of 2018, compared to nearly 30 per cent the year prior

By Haydn Taylor

Germany relaxes stance on Nazi symbols in video games

Like films, games featuring "unconstitutional" symbols can now be submitted for age-rating in Germany

By Matthew Handrahan

"Flooding the market with Nazi symbols is not something we want"

Game MD Felix Falk on the long struggle to allow games tackling Nazism and its imagery to be rated in Germany, and the responsibility of being part of "the social discourse"

By Matthew Handrahan

EmuParadise removes ROMs

Users won't be able to download games from long-running site any more; "It's not worth it for us to risk potentially disastrous consequences"

By Brendan Sinclair

ZX Spectrum and Sinclair trademark holder to pull branding rights from Vega+

UPDATE: RCL claims it was awarded a licence extension, but Sky says it "failed on all counts" to meet the criteria

By Haydn Taylor

Update: EA made "unfortunate mistake" removing Colin Kaepernick's name from Madden 19 song

Company issues official statement on omission after it was discovered in early copies

By Rebekah Valentine

Nintendo barely improves conflict minerals sourcing over two years

One-fourth of company's smelters and refiners aren't following protocols to prevent human rights abuses

By Rebekah Valentine

EA shuts down open source SimCity 2000 over lifted assets

"The current audio visual output of the repository creates content that infringes on Electronic Arts copyright," says publisher

By Haydn Taylor

New York shows Spectrum ISP the door, in part for throttling League of Legends

State public service commission revokes approval of Charter, Time Warner merger due to "various instances of misconduct"

By Rebekah Valentine

Area 35, ex-employee settle defamation suit

Tariq Lacy retracts embezzlement accusations against studio CEO Hiroaki Yura

By Rebekah Valentine

Former Quantic Dream employee wins court case against developer

Court rules in favour of employee who quit due to circulation of offensive photoshopped images

By Haydn Taylor

Denuvo investigation reportedly leads to arrest for games pirate Voksi

However, Bulgarian cracker claims he voluntarily went to police, reached out to DRM firm for “peaceful solution”

By James Batchelor

Dutch Dota 2 players can now see the contents of their next loot box

Valve's attempts to comply with loot box regulations continue apace

By Matthew Handrahan

For the record: Report on Saudi Arabia ban of 47 games inaccurate issues correction over erroneous news story

By GamesIndustry Staff

PUBG developer apologies after controversial World War II references found in game

Purchasable mask and AI bot caused offence across Korea and China with allusions to Imperial Japan

By James Batchelor

Tecmo Koei's patent lawsuit against Capcom dismissed

Capcom's patent upheld by IP High Court in case stretching back to 2016

NetEase moves to dismiss PUBG Corp lawsuit

Knives Out developer calls complaint a "shameless attempt" to monopolize a genre

By Rebekah Valentine

Star Citizen backer loses court case for $4,500 refund

Arbitration clause in end-user license agreement protects developer RSI from refund claims in court

By Haydn Taylor

Germany bans vague pre-order release dates

Retailers no longer to pre-sell games that are “coming soon”, courts have ruled

By James Batchelor

Nintendo lawsuit against Colopl won't block developer's Switch release

Platform holder says ongoing patent dispute and defendant's games business are “completely separate matters”

By James Batchelor

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