Another tester is being sued by Epic Games for leaking Fortnite Chapter 2

Keywords Studio employee was fired day after leak, now faces claim for over $85,000 in damages

By James Batchelor

Key resellers claim legitimacy -- the courts say otherwise | Opinion

Beiten Burkhardt's Andreas Lober probes the legal basis for key resellers, and finds those marketplaces on shaky ground

By Dr Andreas Lober

Overwatch director thinks Blitzchung ban "should be reduced more or eliminated"

Jeff Kaplan says the process for a suspension or ban in OWL "takes about four to five days"

By Rebekah Valentine

US congressman calls out Blizzard for allowing racist groups in WoW

"Racism isn't a game," rep. Lou Correa said after being made aware of far-right user guild, The Enclave

By Matthew Handrahan

Hearthstone developers think Blizzard was "too harsh" with Blitzchung

But creative director Ben Thompson said that taking control of a platform that is "very much not your own" is not free speech

By Marie Dealessandri

Self-help app "investigating" after accusations of stealing art, animation from Gris

Devolver Digital shares side-by-side comparison of Fabulous video, Gris gameplay and cutscenes

By Rebekah Valentine

Brack confirms Blizzard won't repeal Blitzchung ban

The sanction against the casters won't be withdrawn either, Blizzard's president said

By Marie Dealessandri

J. Allen Brack apologizes for Blizzard's "tough Hearthstone esports moment"

At BlizzCon, company president alludes to ban of Hearthstone player Blitzchung for pro-Hong Kong support, welcomes protests

By Rebekah Valentine

The Climate Trail: A bleak look at what awaits us if we fail to address climate change

Developer William Volk hopes his game will help raise awareness of how the problem is worse than we think

By Haydn Taylor

Sponsor abandoned Blizzard esports league after Blitzchung controversy

Mitsubishi pulled support for Asia Pacific Hearthstone tournament two days after player was punished for supporting Hong Kong protest

By James Batchelor

New Zealand government commits $10m to growth of local games industry

City of Dunedin will become hub for aspirations to grow games industry to $1 billion sector

By Haydn Taylor

Call of Duty Modern Warfare decried as 'American propaganda' over Highway of Death mission

Activision's latest shooter has been panned by critics and players, claiming game attempts to rewrite history

By James Batchelor

Money laundering prompts Valve to halt CS:GO in-game key sales

"At this point, nearly all key purchases that end up being traded or sold on the marketplace are believed to be fraud-sourced"

By Brendan Sinclair

Sony files trademarks for PlayStation 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Platform holder's trademark security process teases decades worth of new console

By James Batchelor

Epic sues tester who leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 details

Developer says defendant Ronald Sykes waited just three days to breach his NDA

By James Batchelor

Sony issuing refunds for faulty WWE 2K20

Latest entry into 2K Games' annual wrestling franchise mired with bugs and glitches

By Haydn Taylor

UKIE partners with Space Ape and Playmob on environmentally conscious game jam

Bi-annual student game jam will see teams competing for 2,000 scholarship

By Haydn Taylor

Andrew Yang: "Games are intrinsic to the human experience"

Democratic presidential candidate shares views on loot boxes, Blitzchung situation, gaming addiction

By Rebekah Valentine

Rick Fox departs Echo Fox after settling with investors out-of-court

Fox leaves esports organisation as "a method to end the turbulent fighting" with controversial investors

By Haydn Taylor

New law means EA could revive NCAA sports games

CEO Andrew Wilson says he "would jump for the opportunity" to publish titles around $14 billion industry

By James Batchelor

Riot's automated filters accidentally censor Muslim minority

But League of Legends developer has now fixed the error and is reviewing all disallowed words and phrases

By James Batchelor

Autonauts: Motivating players without conflict

Former Grand Theft Auto creative director Gary Penn discusses changing relationship with violence and conflict with his new game

By Haydn Taylor

Academic research finds no evidence of gaming as a clinical disorder

Previous studies failed to examine wider context of young peoples' lives, says professor Andrew Przybylski

By Haydn Taylor

US legislators: Blitzchung ban could have "chilling effect" on free speech

Bipartisan letter urges Blizzard to reverse decision to ban player for pro-Hong Kong statements

By Rebekah Valentine

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