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PlayStation 3 preparing to support downloadable PS1 games

New System Update introduces the technology and paves way for PS3-compatible PS1 games to be made available - reportedly on April 26.

PlayStation 3 owners will soon be able to buy and play downloadable PS1 games on their new home console.

A new System Update released today introduces the technology and paves the way for PS3-compatible PS1 games to be made available - reportedly on April 26.

New versions of PS1 games will then be offered for download through the PS3 Store - either to play on the PS3 or copy onto a PSP Memory Stick and play on the go, although certain games will still only work on PSP.

Up to now, a range of PSP-compatible PS1 games has been made available for US and Japanese PS3 owners to download, but today's update suggests that the scheme will soon extend to Europe. Sony UK was not immediately available to confirm.

For now the System Update is only detailed on Sony's Japanese website, but European PS3 owners are already being prompted to download it when they turn on their systems.

The PSP also has new system software available - version 3.40 - which PSP owners will need to upgrade to if they want to continue buying and playing emulated PS1 games after the newly PS3-compatible versions go live, thanks to a new security system.

Today's updates also improve support for vibration functions in PS1 and PS2 peripherals, including the Logitech GT-Force Pro steering wheel, and allow PS1 saves to work on the PSP handheld.

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