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PlaySpan announces Ragnarok integration

Deal signed with Gravity Interactive to provide in-game items through secure marketplace

PlaySpan has teamed up with Gravity Interactive to provide in-game commerce services for its popular MMO Ragnarok Online.

Players can now purchase in-game items from the PlaySpan Marketplace and then log into their Ragnarok characters to accept delivery.

"Ragnarok players can enjoy both unique packages and the easy, secure convenience of in-game delivery through the PlaySpan Marketplace," said Jason Koerperich community manager of Gravity Interactive.

Karl Mehta, CEO of PlaySpan, added: "For the first time, online gamers have a quick and simple way to buy virtual currency and in-game items without having to use the risky and unreliable grey market."

"With these additions to the Marketplace catalogue, we can serve an estimated 100 million-plus players."

"We've made it exceptionally easy for customers who lack traditional payment options such as credit cards or PayPal to use alternate payment methods to play premium games," Mehta explained. "And the process is completely safe and convenient."

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