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PlayJam Gets The Kids

According to recent research carried out by Millward Brown, the PlayJam games channel available on Sky's interactive service menu (ISM) is achieving a reach of 1.05m every month with over 50% under 15 years of age.

PlayJam's recent decision to offer free-to-play, advertiser-funded games to their audience gives advertisers and marketers a new opportunity to reach their target audiences through a more engaging medium than the traditional 20-30 second spots on TV. Figures show that games are played for an average of 15 minutes each and the audience are fully immersed in the game, hence significantly increasing the brand and messaging opportunities.

To promote the new series of the Saturday Show, CBBC recently launched a Saturday Show branded game on PlayJam to help bring the hard to get 7-12 year old boys to the show. The game was designed by PlayJam to reflect the show's characters and content and was available 24/7 for two weeks - again, a significant opportunity compared to traditional ad spots.

The game results were tracked by Dubit (through Omnibus online survey) and Taylor Nelson Sofres (through Omnimas). The results were astonishing - after a 2 week run on PlayJam, the game received over 750,000 game plays, 600,000 of which were from the target audience. More significantly, this was not just 750,000 of ad views, it was full game play sessions, with engagement durations of up to 15 minutes.

John Murray, joint Managing Director at BBC's interactive media agency PHDiq comments: "Results far exceeded our expectations, we would certainly look at utilising Playjam for our future campaigns"

Jeff Zie, Head of Content and Production at PlayJam was delighted with the results, "I'm keen to demonstrate the power of iTV games as a vehicle for marketers and advertisers, and hope that these results show that our medium is a valuable addition to the traditional media

mix. This is a milestone for us, as it's the first time, our theories have been proved to be tangible."

Data Highlights:

  • 1.4 million individuals were aware of The Saturday Show game
  • 788,000 individuals played The Saturday Show game
  • 660,000 kids played The Saturday Show game (aged 7-15)

"Over 1.2 million pay to play games are played every month on PlayJam - It doesn't take long to see the benefits of a free-play game to a brand!" Said Maryam Bazargan, Director at Symbiosis Media.

PlayJam is working with Symbiosis Media, specialists in in-game advertising to offer branded games to advertisers. For further information and advertising on PlayJam contact Symbiosis Media on 020 7549 1331.

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About PlayJam

PlayJam was the first iTV games channel to launch in the UK, and has subsequently launched channels in the US and France. A selection of games are available to play on the channel, which change weekly. PlayJam is available on all digital and cable TV platforms (Sky, Telewest and NTL).

  • Monthly channel reach 2.2m
  • Up to 4.5 million gameplays/month per game
  • Broad audience base from 4-55 yrs
  • 55:45 male:female audience

About Symbiosis Media

Symbiosis Media is the leading independent games media specialist liaising between games publishers/developers and advertisers identifying and delivering opportunities for brands to utilise interactive entertainment within their communications mix. Working comprehensively across all platforms, including PC, console, mobile, web, iTV, DVD, services include:

  • Product placement & advertising within games
  • Third-party partnership marketing with brands
  • Advertiser-funded games
  • Licensing

For further information please contact:

Symbiosis Media Limited

Maryam Bazargan


m: 07771 590 165

d: 020 7549 1334

e: maryam@symbiosis-media.com


Maryam Bazargan | Director

Symbiosis Media Ltd

5 Old Street



M: +44 (0) 7771 590 165

T: +44 (0) 20 7549 1334

E: maryam@symbiosis-media.com

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