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40 iPhone developers so far signed up for free online/in-game communities.

SAN MATEO – November 17, 2009 – PlayHaven, an online universe of fan communities for games, said today more than 40 iPhone game developers jumped at the company’s no cost opportunity to establish a community presence online and in-game for free.

Playhaven has already populated its website with online communities for every game on the iPhone. Developers can now easily claim those game communities simply by visiting www.playhaven.com. Once they’ve claimed the community, developers instantly own a platform for directly communicating with their fans, which can spark word-of-mouth buzz with iPhone gamers everywhere.

“Having passionate fans is the cornerstone of any successful game. For the first time, developers can now offer their fans a destination to share, gather, and interact," said Raymond Lau, co-founder and CEO of PlayHaven. “We want to be a true partner to game developers who are looking to establish a connection with their fans and form the base of a lasting franchise.”

PlayHaven’s online universe of communities has an aggregated audience across more than 15,000 games in the iPhone App Store. Fans share their passion for the games by creating guides, tips, reviews, and other content. They also eagerly await announcements of new releases from the developers.

Some of the popular games that now have communities at Playhaven include Aqua Globs, Radio Flare, Fare City: First Shift, Wheeler’s Treasure, Medieval and The Quest – Hero of Lukomorye I.

Playhaven launched late last month with 20 Playhaven Charter Partners, iPhone game developers that were the first to claim these online communities. Charter partners included Minigore, Geared, I Dig It, The Quest, Mouse House 2, SnowFerno, iSamurai, Bobble, Surfer, ZombieSmash!, Transylvania, Genius Defense Force, Gang Street Wars, Hopple, Tipoli, Influence, Above and Cell War.

Many of these titles have occupied the top spot on Apple's list of most popular games in the App Store and have collectively reached over 1 million iPhone users.

About PlayHaven

PlayHaven provides an online universe of fan communities around games, giving developers the instant power of community for turning their games into lasting businesses and gamers a new place to gather and engage with each other. Founded in 2008, by Raymond Lau, Erik Yao, and Kurtiss Hare, PlayHaven is headquartered in San Mateo. For more information, please visit www.playhaven.com.

New Playhaven Game Communities

Adam's Trouble Lite

Alien Shore


Aqua Globs

Bacteria Bash


Cheese Collect

Die Monsters Die

Eyegore's Eye Blast

Fare City: First Shift

Fuzzy Nauts

Gangster Rocco

Guerrilla Bob


Headsup Hold'em Poker

Headsup Hold'em Poker Free

Headsup Omaha Poker

Headsup Omaha Poker Free Headsup Poker 3G Free (Texas Holdem & Omaha)



Lucky Me Lite



Radio Flare





Synth Racing

The Idiot Test 3

The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye


Wheeler's Treasure

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