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Player X signs for EMI music game

Queen, Sting, Scissor Sisters to feature

Player X has inked a deal with EMI Music and Hollywood Gaming for a game based on popular music lyrics.

Featuring a catalogue of hits from artists such as Queen, Sting, Rolling Stones and Scissor Sisters, the game will be released globally across the Player X network.

"We're delighted to be working with EMI Music Publishing at the start of their new franchise launch," said Tony Pearce, CEO of Player X.

"The mobile game taps into EMI's rich catalogue and the simple gameplay will have broad appeal similar to the success of our TV Gameshows," he added.

The game design follows the classic 'hangman' formula. A range of products under the Lyric EMI brand are due for release during Q2 and Q3 this year.

"Lyrics are a powerful and emotive art form often evoking memories from the key moments in life," said Jonathan Channon, SVP of media and development at EMI Music.

"We're delighted that the power of a lyric has been captured in the gameplay and believe that this offers an innovative and unrivalled game proposition."

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