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Cambridge 27th March 2006 - Bluedelta Design have built-on their award-winning, hassle-free 'Smart-SCART' (a user-friendly 'Fit & forget' AV SCART Router) with the launch of their advanced Smart-SCART+.

This nifty little gismo contains a raft of useful features, including inbuilt signal amplifiers and an internal RGB record loop. What's more its, market-leading, intelligent switching function is fully automatic with no remote control or buttons to press.

The Smart-SCART+ enables users to make the most of their in home audio-visual entertainment systems by allowing the connection of up to eight devices to the TV screen at once, even if they only have one SCART connector on their TV!


The Smart-SCART+ allows up to six video devices to be plugged in through the RGB-enabled SCART connectors at the same time as it allows a further two composite video (s-video) sources - that's a total of 8 video inputs all into to one SCART output. Additionally there is an audio line in/out.


The smart technology inside the Smart-SCART+ will decide which device has been selected to display on-screen at any given time. This works on a priority bases, input 2 overrides input 1, input 3 overrides input 2, etc and any inputs that do not take priority are then blanked out.

Internal record loop:

Furthermore users can record whilst gaming through the internal record loop.

Video sensing facility:

The Smart-SCART even has a video sensing facility on three inputs, which allows a camcorder to play via the SCART automatically. This feature can also be used for any video source not equipped with automatic SCART control, such as games consoles and VideoCams.

Using the Smart-SCART+ is so easy that you will never have to waste time with cables again, simply plug all the cables in at let it do the work automatically for you.

So whether you are a technology savvy multimedia guru or just the average cable-cursed punter the easy to use Smart-SCART+ will help you get the most from your TV, DVD, Video, Games Console and Camcorder with the least bother.

Whether your new techno-weapon of choice be an X-Box or any other games console, DVD, camcorder or a good 'old fashioned' VCR they can all be plugged into a single SCART socket input on the TV screen simultaneously.

Key Features
  • Full automatic SCART switching
  • Phono audio outputs for connection of sound to a Hi-fi
  • Six SCART inputs
  • Two composite inputs
  • Two S-Video inputs
  • LED tells you which sockets are active
  • Built in signal amplifiers
  • Internal recording loop allows recording while using the Smart-SCART+ to display another source
  • Three ports with Video-Sense
  • RGB, S-Video and Composite Video on all sockets
  • Full shielding so no signal interference.
  • Can be used to output to a Video-sender connected to Input 5.

For full functionality and activity information please see the technical specification PDF in the following link:


About Bluedelta:

Founded in December 2001, Bluedelta Design of Melbourn, Cambs is a leading designer of innovative consumer devices for a better viewing experience, including the Phantom+ PVR, a low-cost solution for automatic digital video recording. The company holds patents design and copyrights to a variety of technologies.

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