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Planet Basket 2009 2010

Arrives in Italy this spring on PC, Wii and DS.

Padova, Italy - April 20th, 2010 – Idoru is pleased to announce that Planet Basket 2009 2010 will be available for the PC, Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ platforms in Italy at the end of the Spring 2010.

The release in Italy will take place during the playoffs of the Italian Basketball Championship and it will be supported in Italy by an important marketing campaign thanks to the partnership with the Italian Basketball Major League (Lega Basket Serie A) – from which Idoru exclusively secured the license of the Italian championship.

Planet Basket 2009 2010, published in Italy by Double Jungle, was developed in partnership with Impressionware, that created Nintendo DS™ version.

Paolo Giacomello, managing director of Idoru, said “Basketball fans will be able to wait the Basketball World Championship - that will take place at the end of August – playing their favourite sport on the PC, Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ platforms. With Planet Basket 2009 2010 they’ll live 40 minutes of intense basketball action, trying in first person what it means to become part of a real basketball team”.

Luigi Fumero, managing director of Impressionware, said “The Nintendo DS™ platform was definitely lacking a serious basketball game. The partnership between Impressionware and Idoru has merged their long experience in sports titles and our handheld development skills. This has allowed us to create a game that fans and new comers to the sport will love.”

Planet Basket 2009 2010 is distributed in Italy by Leader Distribuzione and Idoru is evaluating partner(s) for other territories.

For further inquires on this title please contact:


Email: sales@idoru.it

About Idoru

Idoru is an independent video game developer and publisher founded in 2001 and based in Padova, Italy. Idoru’s mission is the development of high quality video games for PC, consoles and many other platforms. Idoru has gained a wide experience in developing realistic and arcade sport games: volleyball, beach-volleyball, basketball, just to mention a few. Idoru is an authorized Nintendo DS™ and Wii™ developer and is working on various sport inspired titles in partnership with national and international sport leagues and federations.

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About Impressionware

Impressionware is an independent video game developer founded in 2003 and based in Torino, Italy. Impressionware started by focusing on mobile games but has lately specialized in handheld consoles. Impressionware is an authorized Nintendo DS™, Wii™ and Sony PSP™ developer and is working on various publisher funded titles. Impressionware is soon launching a series of titles via digital delivery on all major handheld platforms.

Internet site: www.impressionware.com

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