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Pirate Galaxy

Reckoned to be Facebook's first full-scale 3D MMOG and available now.

Hamburg, 1. September 2010 – PIRATE GALAXY is the first full-featured, 3D massively multiplayer game to launch on Facebook. Splitscreen Studios today announced the availabilty of their acclaimed MMOG on the world's most popular social network site. 

PIRATE GALAXY leverages Splitscreen's innovative technology platform and features groundbreaking 3D graphics that push the envelope in browser-based gaming. The game can be played directly on Facebook and runs inside right the web browser. It is free-to-play, with optional premium freatures being sold.

Said Gustaf Stechmann, CEO at Splitscreen Studios: „The era of 2D gaming on Facebook is coming to an end. Players are beginning to expect more production value from Facebook games, and in particular they demand high-definition 3D graphics as seen in full blown PC and console games.“

PIRATE GALAXY is available in five languages, and has an active and fast-growing community of players worldwide. Facebook users can join the persistent game universe and vibrant player community at the click of a button. The Facebook version of PIRATE GALAXY is currently in beta operation, new features that leverage the Facebook platform for player-to-player interaction will be successively added in the upcoming weeks.

PIRATE GALAXY is at www.facebook.com/pirategalaxy


PIRATE GALAXY is a next-generation online game from Splitscreen Studios. In PIRATE GALAXY, you take the role of a daring space pilot as you set out to fight alien transport ships and loot the cargo they are carrying. Team up with your friends to solve challenging missions and unravel a fascinating story. Explore the galaxy, enhance your starship with stolen technology, and become the most feared space pirate of all time!

The game features astounding 3D graphics and special effects. It is set in a vast game universe with countless star systems and planets. Starships are fully customizable and offer many upgrade options. The game also stands out for its challenging mission designs that go far beyond other games of this genre.

More information is available on www.pirategalaxy.com.


Splitscreen Studios GmbH develops, operates and publishes next-generation online games and virtual worlds. Splitscreen's portfolio includes a number of groundbreaking game titles, including the acclaimed PIRATE GALAXY. 

Splitscreen is the technology leader in browser-based massively multiplayer games. Leveraging an innovative technology platform, Splitscreen's games feature high resolution 3D graphics and can be played directly inside a web browser.

Splitscreen works with leading games portals worldwide, including Gamigo, Bigpoint, and Aeria Games and is constantly expanding its network of partners.

Splitscreen Studios GmbH was founded in 2007 and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

More information is available on www.splitscreenstudios.com


Splitscreen Studios GmbH

Neuer Kamp 30

20357 Hamburg


Fon: +49 (0)40 / 43209 - 448

Fax: +49 (0)40 / 43209 - 271

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