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Pik's Revenge

"Not since Edmonton-based Bioware has a gaming company made a game this ambitious," apparently.

EDMONTON, AB – January 14, 2010 – Fluik Entertainment Inc., Edmonton’s hottest start-up and indie iPhone game developer, announced today the release of Pik’s Revenge episode two and the free version on Apple’s App store.

“Not since Edmonton-based Bioware has a gaming company made a game this ambitious, especially for the iPhone platform,” says Walter Schwabe, CEO of social media engagement firm fusedlogic inc., responsible for the digital marketing of Pik's Revenge.

Fluik has been working hard on their iPhone game Pik’s Revenge, and the hard work has paid off. Pik's Revenge is now featured in the 'What's Hot' category in Apple's App Store. Pik is currently in the top 75 for adventure and top 20 in the top paid role-playing-game category.

"To our knowledge, not even Bioware has been featured in this category," says Victor Rubba, game designer and Fluik Entertainment Director.

What would you do if you lost everything? Your planet is rocked by a series of explosions. You survive, but your friends, your family, your whole life…is gone.

The launching of episode two marks a new level of visually dynamic gaming, and doubles the content from episode one for the same price. Pik’s revenge is a unique, engrossing game-play experience, with a beautifully rendered hand-drawn colorful design. The game appeals to a wide range of audiences and is kid friendly. Three difficulty levels allow you to ‘Pik’ the challenge you prefer. There are a large variety of quests, tasks, and objectives that allow the player to immerse themselves in the game.

What gamers are saying:

"I really like the game because it has a lot of charm and its 'pick-up-and-play' style is one that is fun to play on the train to work."

"I haven't really been drawn into a game like this in a while, kudos to the devs. It might sound stupid but this is the first game that I find myself wanting to play 'just one more minute'."

Fluik Entertainment has partnered with fusedlogic to help market and promote the indie game. Engaging audiences with social media in ways that are as unique as the game itself.

“Indie game developers typically don’t engage online like this to promote their games, they don’t deploy nearly as many tactics as we are. You might expect this from EA or Blizzard but not on an indie game like Pik’s,” stated Schwabe.

As part of the engagement campaign, reality-based videos clips have been posted on YouTube. In one of them, Pik attempts to eat an orange. But when you are an alien in a foreign environment, such a simple task is bound to be difficult. He’s forced to use…drastic measures. Pik has crossed over into the real world and no one is safe.

It’s estimated that 30 percent of the apps downloaded from the app store are games. It’s also estimated that 79 percent of iPhone users have downloaded games from the app store.

“We hope that gamers will have as much fun playing the game as we’ve had creating it! There is a ton of content and so far the response has been very positive!” exclaims Rubba.

Episode three of Pik’s Revenge is expected out in February 2010.

The revenge continues…


About Fluik Entertainment Inc

Fluik Entertainment Inc is an exciting new independent iPhone game developer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Focused solely on iPhone games, Fluik’s talented team of developers are passionate about what they do. Creating games for young and old alike, they continue to strive to make games that will captivate audiences and leave people wanting more.


Victor Rubba, Director

Fluik Entertainment Inc.




About fusedlogic inc.

fusedlogic is one of Canada’s leading social media engagement and Web 2.0 strategy firms. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, fusedlogic has operated since 2000. This innovative company breaks new ground and pushes boundaries using social media tools to implement change. Their goal is to educate clients on how to effectively engage the online community.


Walter Schwabe, CEO

fusedlogic inc.




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