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Perplexo Seasons

Match-3 meets sudoku and solitaire in "unique" iPhone puzzler.




Seattle, WA - October 12, 2010 - Carried Away Games, an independent game developer in Seattle, WA, is pleased to announce the release of their first iPhone/iPod Touch game: Perplexo Seasons. Perplexo Seasons is a new, unique puzzle game, with a touch of match 3 gameplay, a dash of sudoku’s pace, a pinch of solitaire’s planning and the addictive, enjoyable quality that all these games share! As a play-at-your-own-pace game, you have ample opportunity to set up great scoring combinations, and establish new high scores. Replay levels as often as you like, and compare your scores using OpenFeint.  To complete the game, you progress through all four seasons, week-by-week, to the end of one year.


In Perplexo Seasons, you rearrange pieces on the game board into scoring sets of at least three, like objects. With careful planning and the use of the Pool of cells at the top of the screen to temporarily hold pieces, you can create high-scoring combinations. The ultimate set you can achieve? Nine connected objects in the shape of a cross, scored by dropping the center piece last. Once you’ve used all your moves, your level score is tallied, and you move to the next week of the year if you’ve scored enough points.

Game Features


•           Try Perplexo Seasons for free and purchase the ad-free Premium

version for $0.99. Upgrading to Perplexo Seasons Premium is also available as an easy in-app purchase.

•           52 levels in the Premium edition feature increasing difficulty, as

complexity and placement choices multiply.


•           Wild and Multiplier pieces greatly improve your score, and present

more options as you progress.


•           Perplexo Seasons features OpenFeint support to let you compare your

scores with friends and the world.

•           Equality is a wonderful thing. Everyone plays the same levels (no

randomness). The layout of each level is exactly the same for everyone, so your

high score could be a true, world high score.


•           Original artwork by Seattle area artist Samantha Larson.


•           Beat the designer’s scores for the ultimate challenge.


•           Perplexo Seasons is playable on all hardware versions of iPhone,iPod

Touch and iPad, and requires iOS version 3.0 or later.


Perplexo Seasons provides countless rearranging choices, limitless replayability

and endless fun as you progress from winter through the four seasons.


About Carried Away Games:


Formed in 2009, Carried Away Games LLC is a Seattle-based independent game

developer made up of mainstream game studio veterans with an average of 14 years

industry experience.  Carried Away Games are authorized developers on all major

console platforms, and have experience developing games of all genres while

working at and for many of the major game publishers. 


For media inquiries, please contact: press@carriedawaygames.com

or please visit http://www.carriedawaygames.com.


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