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Pre-order program launched for glove-based PC controller.

PALO ALTO, CA and LLOYDMINSTER, Alberta - Dec. 3, 2009

Today, PC gaming enthusiasts with an eye for the latest and greatest tech can register to become the first to experience The PEREGRINE gaming glove - the new, faster, more precise alternative to the clunky keyboard that lets you simply touch your fingers together for the win.

The pre-order program - available only at ThePEREGRINE.com - offers the innovative new gaming peripheral at a special early access price of $129.99, a $20 discount off the retail price. As an added pre-order bonus, early buyers will receive a limited set of “First Edition” gaming glove faceplates, a product launch certificate of authenticity and charter membership in “Peregrine FTW”, an exclusive program that will offer member-only promotions, new product news, contests and pro-training sessions.

Designed with real-time strategy (RTS) and massively multiplayer online (MMO) gamers in mind, The PEREGRINE is an intuitive, powerful way to gain an edge over the competition. Constructed of military grade flexible sensors, with a magnetically detachable USB connector, The PEREGRINE comfortably replaces the keyboard in any gamer’s command center. Gamers who add The PEREGRINE to their arsenal will gain access to more than 30 instantly accessible actions performed by simply tapping their fingers or palm to maneuver, strike or cast spells.

By bringing the hand closer to the game than ever before, The PEREGRINE gives users lightning fast access to more than 30 actions. With the limitless ability to customize control schemes for any game or application, and universal compatibility thanks to the use of standard keyboard drivers, The PEREGRINE is a plug-and-play weapon of mass destruction.

“I've talked to a lot of gamers about The PEREGRINE and they are just as excited as we are about becoming the first to instantly improve their game speed and accuracy by donning our glove – rather than fumbling with their tired old keyboard!” Said Brent Baier, CEO of Iron Will Innovations, the think tank founded to bring revolutionary products like The PEREGRINE to life. “The pre-order program gives those most fevered to get their hands in The PEREGRINE a chance to snag one before any of their friends and competitors so they can literally Touch for the Win!”

To pre-order The PEREGRINE or find out more, visit http://www.ThePEREGRINE.com/


The PEREGRINE is a new way to control games: it is a seamless, customizable input device that you wear on your hand in order to better control increasingly complex PC games. It is designed to replace or, in some cases, augment the keyboard for game play, The PEREGRINE is an intuitive, comfortable way to gain an edge, taking advantage of the most powerful tool we have – the human hand. The PEREGRINE was developed by Iron Will Innovations, Inc., a think tank formed to bring game-changing products to the global market. With an innovative culture, IWI aims to empower people everywhere with products like The PEREGRINE, and change the way the world interacts with technology. For more information, visit http://www.ThePEREGRINE.com/ and become a fan at "The PEREGRINE" on Facebook.

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