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Penumbra Collection

New Penumbra Requiem trailer up on YouTube.

NEW YORK - Feb. 11, 2009

As the release of the Penumbra Collection in February 2009 draws near, Paradox Interactive has released a brand new trailer and screenshots for the concluding expansion in the collection, Requiem.

Released in August 2008 and developed by the talented creators of Penumbra, Frictional Games, Requiem was originally a download only expansion to the series. Requiem ties up the loose ends from the previous two installments as our protagonist, Philip, falls deeper into madness and tries to discover the origins behind his father’s mysterious letter.

Watch the brand new trailer at:


Commenting on the conclusion of the Penumbra series, Lead Programmer and Co-Founder of Frictional Games, Thomas Grip, said, “Requiem is the epilogue for the Penumbra series that follows Philip’s continuing descent into insanity. The puzzle-oriented expansion ties together all the loose ends that the other games left unresolved. What really makes Requiem unique is the effort we put into advancing physics based puzzles and trying to create an intriguing and surreal experience.”

For more information on the Penumbra Collection, please visit: http://www.paradoxplaza.com/penumbra/

About Paradox Interactive

Since 1999, Paradox Interactive has been a leading developer and publisher of PC-based strategy games. World-renowned for its strategy stable, the company holds a particularly strong presence in the United States and Europe. Its steadily-growing portfolio includes original titles such as the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron franchises, as well as the best published titles like Penumbra: Black Plague, Supreme Ruler 2020, and the greatly-anticipated Majesty 2 – The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.

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About Frictional Games

Frictional Games is a small studio located in the South of Sweden, developing unique technologies to power their creative game ideas. They are the creators of the Penumbra Overture, Penumbra Black Plague and Penumbra Requiem, a survival horror series that emphasizes puzzles, ambience and a unique physics interaction system.

Read more at: http://www.frictionalgames.com

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